Monday, September 18, 2006

White Stripes on Simpsons: slightly retarded

You know, I'm beginning to doubt if The Simpsons was ever really funny. I saw some old episodes the other day and they weren't very entertaining. Anyway, the fabled White Stripes cameo finally aired last week, and it's worth a gander. If only for Meg going aggro (didn't realize her voice could go beyond "sleepy/creepy").

This is the part where we copy/paste the video from YouTube.

We once saw Meg at one of our friends' birthday party at Bar 2A. The "DJ" (i.e. someone's iPod) played "My Doorbell" and she made a face and left. PRIZE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(didn't realize her voice could go beyond "sleepy/creepy")

that's exactly what i thought when i saw the vid! it's really shocking.

11:37 PM  

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