Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New MCR video - "Welcome to the Black Parade"

Remember when Ultragrrrl called My Chemical Romance "this generation's Nirvana"? She was (obviously, for many reasons) dead wrong, because as their new single/video demonstrates, they are in fact this generation's Queen. Seriously, check out the harmonic overdubs/epic guitar squealing towards the end of their new single "Welcome to the Black Parade", plus hold in account the crazy piano/trumpet/marching drums intro coupled with the mid-song time change. Freddie Mercury is probably looking down from heaven all like: "Jesus, if only I had stuck some fucking Halloween bullshit on my album covers, maybe I would have gotten radio airplay in America too." But then again he probably doesn't really care, because he's Freddie, AKA Greatest Human Being to Have Ever Lived. He could give a shit about MCR.


This single is brilliant. We're totally over everyone shitting on emo. At this point, bands are just bands, and the word emo has been so contrived and mutated over the years no one really knows what the hell it means. So just watch the video below, laugh a little, and marvel at how far one band is prepared to take a severe case of Tim Burton fandom.

"Welcome to the Black Parade":

Earlier this week, Idolator posted an MP3 of the "WTTBP" single edit. Enjoy.

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Blogger MertMengelmier said...

It's a fun song. In many ways, MCR is the new Nirvana, because I'm an idiot, my blog sucks and my dog has gingivitis. -Ultragrrrl

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