Monday, December 18, 2006

The Dykeenies love you

Imagine a world. A world where Duran Duran are the greatest boyband ever. A world where playing the synth is required to graduate high school. A world where Brandon Flowers isn't a egomaniacal, untalented, whiny dickface. This is a world where The Dykeenies' image is etched onto every piece of currency in existence. Where their music blares out of bullhorns in the street, like in V for Vendetta. Where Coca-Cola has changed its slogan to "The Dykeenies Love You". This is a world WE WANT TO LIVE IN.

The Dykeenies' new single, "Waiting for Go" has been out for a while in the U.K., and has recently become somewhat of a DN anthem, with midday sing-a-longs, midnight rockouts and the sort of fandom we normally save for Morrissey and Project Runway. The Scottish five-piece also have a song called "New Ideas" which will sound amazing as soon as they start playing it in STADIUMS, like they are DESTINED to do. Download below.

The Dykeenies - "New Ideas"

Mmmm, like The Killers, only not horrible. Shame about the shit name though.

Official Dykeenies Web site
The Dykeenies on Myspace

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