Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes: one of those bands that spent like a year on our "MUST LISTEN TO NOW!" list, only to be feverently worshipped about six months after everyone else. They're forn Brighton, UK, they're a two-piece, they sound like Hole with hi-hats--we mean truly, what is there not to love? That's right, NOTHING. They first piqued our interest when they toured the UK with Metric (we know, we wish we had been there too) and they've been on heavy, heavy rotation ever since their single "You Bring Me Down" came to our iTunes via some random blog or other. OMG, here it is!

Blood Red Shoes - "You Bring Me Down"

And the video for BRS' current single, "ADHD":

Don't thank us.

BRS' official Web site
image by Dark Daze

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