Friday, December 22, 2006

'Tis the seaosn to be pissy is being a tit, we haven't finished our Christmas shopping, and we're only halfway through out best of 2006 list: quite frankly, we've had better holiday seasons. Expect some great new tidbits on this blog in the new year (new layout! Photos! Actual posts!), but in the meantime, here are some goodies to tide you over.

I. The Plug Awards are fast upon us, and the performers have just been announced. We're lazy, so here's some CUT AND PASTE PRESS RELEASE ACTION!

PLUG Independent Music Awards have announced the performers for the 2007 PLUG Awards Show at New York City’s Irving Plaza on Saturday, February 10, 2007. Scheduled to play are Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, Silversun Pickups, El-P, Tokyo Police Club, Deerhoof, and comedian, David Cross will host the event. Additional performers will be announced shortly. Unlike traditional award shows, each artist will perform 20-40 minute mini-sets on stage.

HOT. Malkmus will also accept the Plug Impact Awards, honoring his work in the indie community. How much do you want to bet someone's going to drop the "I'm wearing Stephen Malkmus' face" joke from last year? Also: don't forget to vote for 'Sup for Best Zine! The awards will be Feb. 10th, 2007 at Irving Plaza (and not Webster--I guess Christmas miracles are real after all).

II. I think we've all been there: your boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/sister/best friend only listens to the hippest dance bands, takes MDMA as if it were Tums, and has had that crazy Crystal Castles Klaxons remix on repeat sine early June. What, oh what to get such a charmer for this holiday season? Well, search no more, because Modular Records have just released a new line of merchandise for this coming Christmas/Hanukkah/Advent of the Apocalypse. Check out the Mod Shop here, and be sure to get your grubs on some of those cool T-shirts. NB: price is in Australian dollars, so convert before shitting your pants.

III. More people have asked us what we're doing for New Year's Eve more than any other possible question over the past month, including "Could you get me on the list?" and "Where did all that blood come from?" Finally, we have an answer (for New Year's, not the blood, unfortunately): we're going to be partying hard at the White Room in Williamsburg for the Crashin' In' 12 Hour Party People extravaganza. Loads of cool DJs (Oil, Paulie, and the crew), loads of cool bands (Foreign Islands, Northern State--new album out soon and believe us, it's fucking amazing). Info on the flyer below. Pass it around, come and say hi!

Stay tuned, dear readers, for our 2006 Best of lists, but until then, try not to puke on the fruitcake this year, OK?

Happy Holidays,
CEC & KKH, The Disconappers

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