Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

Oh man, Kaiser Chiefs. We don't care what people say, Employment was/is the fucking shit. Yes, it was basically Madness, but when Madness aren't around to be Madness anymore, what can you do? We also love the fact that they owned up to the fact of being old as fuck (read: 30's) and basically ate the world when everyone said they wouldn't amount to anything after the demise of their previous band. And really, who doesn't love an underdog?

But this video man.

We mean, we genuinely enjoy the new single, "Ruby" (out 2/19 in the U.K., out never in America because we just don't do that sort of thing), even though it does get a bit repetitive at times. We suppose that's kind of the point--and who are we to debate the friggin' point. That said, I dunno... little people building a city around the band performing? Really? Did they at least like, focus-group it or something? "Ruby" is catchy, yeah, but far from the best song on the album (brilliantly entitled Yours Truly, Angry Mob). If "Everybody's Average Nowadays" (we think that's what it's called) isn't THE feel-good hit of summer 2007, then someone didn't turn in their marketing plan or something. You heard it here first!

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