Sunday, January 14, 2007

Eglantine Gouzy - Boa

Here at DN, we've always been more or less voracious francophiles, from Serge & Jane to camembert and escargot. Quite a few months ago, MFR introduced us to Eglantine Gouzy, a sexy parisienne with a killer, desert-folk song called "Cowboy", that quickly became our chill-out summer jam. Fast-forward to the present day, Eglantine is signed to Osaka Records, released her first album, Boamaster, and has made an incredible video for her first single, "Boa".

Which is below.

Weird bleepy acoustic Franco-chirping? OUI, MES CHERS! No U.S. live dates confirmed as of now, but let's hope she gets over here soon. Sounds like just the remedy to this awful NYC weather, right?

Check out Eggie's (can we call her Eggie?) Myspace:

And here's an MP3: Eglantine Gouzy - "Cowboy"

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Blogger Papat said...

Grahm, this is you right? We seriously got to build on the Francophilia tip. I got pop for yeeeears.

11:31 PM  
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