Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Holy Hail join Kanine!

Yes, it's been a week since we last posted. But there's also a pile of dirty laundry on our floor and 5000 emails in our inbox so, you know.

We first caught Holy Hail at Club Modular a few months back (perhaps opening for Klaxons, our memory evades us at the moment), and they blew us away with their post-punk dance party epic good vibes. Today, our favorite indie record label, Kanine, posted this on their myspace:

NEW SIGNING ALERT! So who needs guitars anyway? Make this our third signing where the guitar guitar, not the bass guitar, is well, less than prominent if existant. Read what you want into that, but technically, it's still the year of the dog and we're still partying! And here to keep it going, meet Holy Hail! We'll be releasing a VINYL single this spring - and all the tracks will be available for digital download.


Here's an MP3 to tide you guys over until Kanine releases the good shit:

Holy Hail - "Dig My Grave With the Songs I've Sung"

Photo: Margo Silver for Holy Hail

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