Monday, December 18, 2006

CSS to cover Grizzly Bear's "Knife"

We love us some Grizzly Bear, as everyone knows. Today, leaked ine info that CSS, our other favorite band of 2006, are set to cover the Bear's underground hit "Knife". Um, that's like what would happen if a magical unicorn fucked a chocolate teddy bear in the music hole. We can't wait. In the meantime, here are some MP3s to tide you over.

Grizzly Bear - "Knife"
The original, already a classic etc.

Born Ruffians - "Knife"
Those wacky indie kids in Born Ruffians have already covered "Knife", and it sounds not unlike Loretta Lynn. Intense.

CSS - "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above"
Our reigning Best Song of 2006. We know you already have it, but go on, give it a spin. Or 43.

Grizzly Bear - "Don't Ask (Final Fantasy Remix)"
Owen from Final Fantasy remixed one of our favorite Bear tracks, "Don't Ask" for the 2005 remix LP Horn of Plenty Remixed. It's a rather enjoyable slice of chilled-out folk... but aren't they all.

And finally, here's the utterly BRILLIANT video for "Alala", the CSS song that Grizzly Bear might record in return. We want our wedding to look like this.

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Blogger Missingtoof said...

'..if a magical unicorn fucked a chocolate teddy bear in the music hole.'

you're hilair!

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