Friday, February 09, 2007

It Came From WTF: Scissor Sisters on Passions

OK. It's been a tumultuous ride between DN and the Scissor Sisters. When they first came onto the scene in like, 2002, we (very stupidly) wrote them off as just another hipster rip-off troupe who wore too much make-up and played Luxx way too often (remember, this was during the height of electroclash/NYC douchebaggery, and our Fuck You Alert System was permanently set to red). Then of course, Scissor Sisters came out, and we kicked ourselves for not going to see them play 40,000 times when we had the chance, and were reduced to groveling at the feet of their publicist like every other two-bit hack in town. Oh, the horror! We learnt our lesson.

Flash-forward to last fall, Ta-Dah is released, and we buy it (BUY IT) on street date (ON STREET DATE) and get a poster with our purchase (A GLOW-IN-THE DARK BLACK VELVET POSTER, WHICH IS AT A FRIEND'S HOUSE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE WE DIDN'T WANT TO CARRY IT BUT WE HAVE ONE REGARDLESS). Now if that's not fandom then we don't know what is. Let's be honest, many of the songs on Ta-Dah kind of suck (thanks Elton) but "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" and "Kissin' You Off" etc were pretty amazing.

But nothing prepared us for this.

Or for that matter this.

We've never watched an episode of Passions (having something vaguely resembling a life), but when we first heard that our beloved Sisters were doing an on-air soap opera performance, we somehow conned ourselves into believing that they would use this opportunity to reinsert their campy tongue-in-cheekness that had been a little sobered up (OK, relatively) on Ta-Dah, and not to, you know, shamelessly flog their flopping CD to the culturally untamed populations of Middle America. We were wrong.

This is the sound of desperation. Pure and unfiltered. It saddens us that a band once so fun and kind of revolutionary, when you really think about it, squandered their unique chance to REALLY infiltrate the American mainstream and make pop culture history, just to pander to a demographic that could seriously give a shit. They're named after a lesbian sex act, for Christsakes! Did the Sex Pistos go on Coronation Street for some hussy to play their album in 1977? No, they went on The Today Show and fucked shit up. We mean, where was Babydaddy making it with some closeted gynecologist character or something?

It's time to go home, listen to "Monkey Baby" on repeat and remember better days. :(

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Blogger angie. said...

when i saw that epsiode, i just thought about how bad Passions has become :(

and the zooming up of their CD was so corny. it's like, "BUY OUR CD NOW!".

7:53 AM  
Blogger CEC said...

It's horrid.

That said the "She's My Man" video kind of redeems them for a while. KIND OF. AND FOR A WHILE.

3:36 PM  

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