Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kate Nash or Girls Are Nice, Part One

We're really into acoustic singy-songy girls right now (Regina Spektor's album was #20 in the Billboard charts this week! How awesome!) and Kate Nash is definitely going places in that category. Recently signed to Moshi Moshi (WE. KNOW.), she's just released her debut single, "Caroline's a Victim" and is playing shows with Tilly & The Wall in the U.K. Here's the "Caroline's" video.

From what we understand, most of her songs don't really sound like that though, they've more of a "not-shit-Alanis-Morisette" feel to them. In a rather BIZARRE* twist of fate, Kate Nash is only two letters away from our favorite Kate of all time (that would be Kate Bush, people who don't know us), and seems like she might be approximately 25% as awesome as Kate Bush, which is respectable since most people hover in the 5-to-10 percentile.

This is what she sounds like regularly:

Kate Nash - "Birds (Live)"

So that's that then.

* Wouldn't you say.

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