Monday, March 26, 2007

Basically, The Jist of This Post Is That We're Really Tired and We Love The Noisettes

We're really, really fucking tired. We were sick all weekend (thanks global warming/bird flu/apocalypse) and our collective finger has been quite off the pulse. So off, in fact, that we slept on getting Ponys tickets for tonight. Anyway, we really like the Noisettes' new single, "Sister Rosetta", and we thought we would share our enjoyment. Insert your own witty Disconap-ism here.

See, indie rock bands? Is it that hard to make a nice, simple video without too much fussing around with green screens and quantum theory? Sure, we could have done without the A-Ha part towards the end but that was rather enjoyable, wasn't it?

Coincidentally, noisette means "nut" in French, but don't expect the guys in the band to show you theirs etc etc.

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