Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shiny Toy Guns To Tour With Band We Don't Like As Much As Keane

Bad news: Shiny Toy Guns aren't touring with Keane after all, thus prematurely nixing the Disconap Bands We Really Like And Don't Give A Fuck If You Don't World Tour 2007.

Good news: they just posted this to their Myspace:

we're coming home in a few weeks :)
we are reading your words and miss everything ..
and about keane ... we agree with you guys, they are a great band but placement wise not sure if it is the best decision for us. A tough one because they are personally one of our favorite bands.
instead our return to america will be begin with a massive co-headline tour across the country with new york's finest :
the rapture :)
and we begin where?
because we haven't ever visited there yet.
the tour will move from the rapture to a tour with ?????? to be named later, and will stretch to the end of June, ending in the summer air of a massive outdoor show in Milwaukee.

We don't know what's up with the Alan Ginsberg writing technique, but WE ARE HAPPY PEOPLE.

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