Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Fit" DJs Remix London Teenagers For Your Electrobanging Pleasure

Every now and again, our email inbox decides to yeild something other than spam, Myspace comments and the desperate demands of some poor label intern. The other day, we got a nice little message from London-based Dj duo The C90s, with a link to their brilliant remix of Late of the Pier's "Space and the Woods". Now, "Space and the Woods" being LOTP's Best Song™, we were a little skeptical of it being rehashed. But the C90s boys knew what they were doing, apparently: their remix sounds like something MSTRKRTF would do, only it doesn't bore us to tears and make us want to shoot up every Korg in sight with an AK-47.

Late of the Pier - "Space and the Woods" (C90s Remix)

As a bonus, someone on the C90s Myspace page described the "one on the left" as "fit", which we found funny... in a good way.

We'll definitely be spinning it next time we DJ (March 31st at White Room, ahem).

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