Monday, May 28, 2007

In Which A New Hyperbolic Word Enters Our Lexicon Forever

As pop music journalists (or some dubious variations thereof) we possess, at our "fingertips", an arsenal of hyperbolic vocabulary fit for an issue of Smash Hits circa 1989. We often use, and misuse, words and phrases such as "amazing", "awesome", "brilliant", "fucking brilliant", "mind-blowing", etc etc. One word, however, is rarely used on DN, but given what we are about to demonstrate with our astute BLOGGING, its position in our lexicon is about to change, forever.

The word at hand is: "FANTASTIC".

First we have Dame* Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Trip the Light Fantastic, which will probably never be released in this Land of the Free Home of the Brave, but can we just say thank God for The masterful first single, "Catch You", has been on heavy rotation since somewhere slightly before the Fall of Pompeii, and isn't going anywhere soon. It's sex, pop, love, guitars and synths devoid of all fucking-around and compressed into the Best Song Ever About Stalking A Man--an emotional depth we have all experienced at one point or another. Thus, readers, it is UNIVERSAL. And who are we to question The Universe. We ask you.

Here's the video. YES, AGAIN. If you don't like it go read some other blog where they talk freely of Sufjan Stevens and other Arcade Fires.

Another pop band (and not a new rave band as Klaxons would like you to believe) are making good use of the word "fantastic" this summer-- and of course we are referring to sexy kittens (yes, even the guys) New Young Pony Club, and their album Fantastic Playroom (DO YOU GET IT NOW?). We went through a phase, about 2 years ago (estimate) where we LOVED NYPC and their tune "Ice Cream", then we saw them live in 2006 and enjoyed it dare we say even profusely, then lost all interest whatsoever and moved on to liking Sexual Earthquake in Kobe instead. But our faith in Tahita Young Pony and co. has been rekindled with the shitloads of songs that have been leaked from Plyaroom, notably "Hiding On The Staircase" which we can't be bothered to upload to YouSendIt, so you'll have to take our "word" for it, or at least type into the Hype Machine.

This is the video for "The Bomb".

So, in conclusion, we'll be using the word "fantastic" much more as of this summer, because if two of the best pop records of the year are badgering it left and right, we believe that more people should be doing just the same. Fantastic, then.

*Not a real Dame.

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