Monday, June 11, 2007

The Black Ghosts Continue Their Reign On Our Hearts

Oh my. After seizing and conquering our helpless ears with their indie-disco pulp and Best Song Of The Summerâ„¢ "The Repetition Kills You", The Black Ghosts have now taken to remixing so-so Gossip single "Listen Up!" and making it AMAZING. That's right, AMAZING. Take a moment out of your Monday and cold check it:

The Gossip - Listen Up! (The Black Ghosts Remix) [streaming via Myspace]

Is there anything these guys can't do? God, we fucking love them. We can't wait until the album comes out and kills everything. EVERYTHING!!

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Blogger Unknown said...

omG. This song brings the pulsing, sweaty bodies of gay bars across the globe right here into my cubicle. turn it UP.

4:26 PM  

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