Friday, June 01, 2007

Roisin Murphy is Back! Back!! BACK!!!

We've been ginormous fans of Roisin Murphy and her now-defunct band Moloko for some time now, and not just because her name is one letter short of being Raisin (LOL!). It's not secret that DN is all about powerful pop ladies and the songs they sing, and Roisin is no exception from our regular Ellis-Bextors, Stevens', Goldfrapps and other Dragonettes. Her new single (entitled, brilliantly, "Overpowered") has been making "waves" around the greater Internet area for the last couple of months, and we must say, it is quite an infectious slice of laid-back femme-pop. It's interesting to see Roisin move away from the more pure disco vibe of Moloko on her solo efforts and embrace a more complex sound--blah blah whatever, it's fantastic and deserves your utter attention. It's streaming right now on her MySpace profile--apparently some site where you can listen to an artist's songs and look at some pictures of them. Ah technology, etc.

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered [streaming via MySpace]


Now, let us take a journey through space and time and view our favorite Moloko video, for "The Time Is Now":

So, so good. Dare we give this new, chilled-out Roisin Murphy the moniker of California Roisin? We think we shall.

x 10000000

There is a MySpace page for remixes of "Overpowered", and not one put together by a fan but by a real record label. AMAZING.

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Blogger peter said...

definitely check the remixes for that track

5:41 PM  
Blogger CEC said...

i know, i've been trying to find them on hype machine but to no avail... zshare that shit perhaps? i'll probably end up buying the vinyl for $4,000 anyway :/

6:37 PM  

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