Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fansite Make Out: This Green and Pleasant Land

Slight variation on the Blogger Make Out theme today, with a Fansite Make Out feature on This Green and Pleasant Land, an extensive Web site dedicated to Leeds gloom-rock outfit iLiKETRAiNS. It's always heart-warming to see someone totally devoted to a little-known band, obsessively commenting on everything they do with almost childlike glee. It reminds us of our Morrissey days... sigh.

Anyway, if you've been checking out the DN Shortlist you'll have already noticed we FUCKING LOVE iLiKETRAiNS, a band who sonically drift somewhere between the musical incarnation of an Arthur Conan Doyle novel and Ian Curtis on codeine. Seriously, these dudes are taking mope to a whole new level. Their song "Stainless Steel" features the lyrics "Please don't go into the kitchen/Because that's where the knives are". Their material is inspired by 19th CENTURY BRITISH OBITUARIES. Not joking. They wear black on the outisde, because black is what they feel on the inside.

iLiKETRAiNS' mini-album Progress Reform has been on very heavy rotation for weeks on end at DNHQ, and is available from amazon... for $20 :( x 100000. Nevertheless, we can't wait for them to get their asses Stateside to play some shows to a bunch of suicidal Smiths fans. CAN'T. WAIT.

So yeah, check out This Green and Pleasant Land and iLiKETRAiNS statutory.

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