Monday, July 16, 2007

Soon-to-be-legendary party launches on the lower east side


The DNs (myself and KKH) are lauching a brand new pop party on the Lower East Side of the Borough of Manhattan. It's called BOYCORE, it's inspired by and in affiliation with GIRLCORE and will be amazing. Expect to hear tunes from Her Royal Bextorness, California Roisin, Tahita And The Other Girls And Boys Of The New Young Pony Club, perhaps something from the 1990's, etc, etc. Chaz from Chazology will be DJing along with Your Disconappers, so you know the jams will be brought. With a vengeance.

Oh there is also a "flyer", unlikely to fly much as it is on your computer and does not possess a physical manifestation.

Be there, obviously.

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