Monday, August 20, 2007

Junior Senior are Back! Back!! BACK!!!

They were never really gone! Gone!! GONE!!! to begin with, as "new" album Hey Hey My My Yo Yo has been out in Europe and Japan roughly since the Invasion of Poland in 1939, but it's FINALLY getting a US release, so thank God for that. It's actually REALLY good, like the first album only groovier, more mature (kind of) and actually GAYER, if you can believe it. There's an amazing song on it called "We R The Handclaps" (note playful omission of the letters "A" and "E" in the title) and here it is.

Junior Senior - "We R The Handclaps" (zSHARE link)

So that's good.

PS: If you read the current issue of BUTT Magazine, there's an interview with Senior where he talks about the time he met up with some dude on the internet whose girlfriend called while he was sucking Senior's dick. Priceless, etc.

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