Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally someone makes "2 Hearts" not Goldfrapp

We love Kylie Minogue--really we do. We know we have been serving the hardcore hate when it comes to "2 Hearts", but really it's just like when your kid gets a B on their 5th grade geography test instead of an A. It's like, come on. It's not rocket science.

BUT Alan Braxe (who we, need we even say it, FUCKING LOVE) has just remixed "2 Hearts" and made it fucking amazing. We liked the Pimps and Whores remix, but we mean, no one can touch Alan.

Kylie Minogue - "2 Hearts (Alan Braxe remix)

Somehow we thought this post would be funnier... maybe it's because it's 4:47AM and we're tired as fuck after spending more money than we should have on alcohol and loud music.


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