Friday, November 23, 2007

This is a Clik Clik track that is not "My Dunks"

...which, we are not contractually obligated to say, will be for sale Dec. 3rd in the UK, in all fine record "shops" and on iTunes. You can also pre-order the single on Friends vs. Records, which is clearly the best-named retail music Web site of all time.

Oh, and here is a photo of the Clik Clik looking "festive".

Basically we now realize that posting the debut single of a new band for free on a shitty Web site (albeit one that nobody reads) is WRONG and NOT GOOD for career of said band. But we were lucky because the band's manager is a nice guy and sent us this track instead (when he "jolly well" could have told us to fuck off and called the police). KARMA, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

The Clik Clik - "Paris Hilton"

We were too scared to think about this song for very long, as it seems to be a love song about Paris Hilton, but hopefully it is ironic. This post would have been miles funnier if the track had been called "Karma" but what can you do.


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