Friday, January 25, 2008

So apparently some people fucked on the set of the new Hercules and Love Affair video

First off, sorry it's been a week since we updated. Life has been shit and we haven't listened to any good music that wasn't the Hot Chip record (more on that later). That said, we love Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree and a few new Ting Tings songs so we suppose we shouldn't complain. Anyway this is Hercules and Love Affair.

They're a duo who make disco songs--they sound quite "retro" but in fact are very "2008", if you will. The first time we heard them we were at the Tribeca Grand Hotel and we went "HEY, THIS SOUNDS LIKE A DISCO VERSION OF ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS" and went up to the DJ and said "WHO IS THIS?" And he said "WHAT?" And we said: "WHO. IS. THIS?" And he said "OH IT'S HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR" And we said "WHAT?" And he said "HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR." And we went "OH THAT'S WEIRD THEY SOUND EXACTLY LIKE ANTONY FROM ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS" and he gave us a weird look like we didn't know what was "going on" in the disco world or something. It turns out that the song has Antony on guest vocals. Wanker.

Anyway, today The Sun was all crazy because apparently some of the extras got a little frisky on the set of the video for "Blind" and someone got eaten out or something. Anyway, the video is actually FUCKING BRILLIANT (as is the song) but it's only playing on The Sun's web site so we'll link to that now, then embed a YouTube link once it's up on there (which should be like before 2PM or something).

Hercules and Love Affair feat. Antony Hegarty - "Blind" [Video via]


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