Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This is Manda Rin...

...from criminally underrated '90s indie pop band bis (we're fairly sure "bis" is meant to be spelled sans capitalization. We're OCD like that).

We basically had a little bit of a pee in our pants when we realized that Manda was coming out with her first solo album, as bis were basically the best band in the whole world, ever. Actually, Manda's new single "My DNA" makes us kind of indescribably sad, because while it's 101% Fucking Amazing, it would be 1001% Fucking Amazing if it were a new bis single. Where are you, Sci-Fi Steven and Disco John. Where are you.


but :).

Anyway. Check out "DNA"on Manda's MySpace page. It's the perfect pop song in that you're just excited about it being a new song with Manda Rin's voice on it until the chorus comes in and you're like UH OMG THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER. Coldplay take note: don't fuck up your chorus. Speaking of Coldplay, we're gearing up for a huge Keane post in a little while, though we suppose that's another post for another time.

God, we love Keane.

Anyway, Manda Rin.

Manda Rin - My DNA [streaming via MySpace]



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