Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome to the last blog on Earth to post about Juvelen*

This is Juvelen. He is on the right.

Are you looking at his nipple or at the kitty? This picture might as well be titled "What Kind Of Gay Are You?".

We came across Juvelen when two blogs we respect and admire, Popjustice and Electroqueer raved, almost simultaneously, about "Don't Mess", and we were, briefly, intrigued. We must say, it's quite amazing, even though at the moment the jury is still out on whether Juvelen sounds more like Prince or Mika (we're kind of going with Mika, which says more about us than Juvelen, frankly).

Here's a quite brilliant remix of "Don't Mess" by Krazie Fiesta (misspelled band names--the '90s are back indeed!).

Juvelen - Don't Mess (Krazie Fiesta remix) (YSI) (zShare)

*DISCLAIMER: Disconap.blogspot.com realizes that this is the oldest news ever, so don't bother pointing it out. Also, Juvelen doesn't have a Wikipedia page so we don't know where he is from, what he has done, or how old he is. We can tell you all those things about Richard Simmons though (long story).

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Anonymous Electroqueer said...

oh Disconap - prepare for the obsession with Juvelen...it's gonna rain hard in the blogesphere. Don't mess!

Love ur blog too btw!


1:19 PM  
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