Friday, October 12, 2007

It's taken us a few days to post the new Kylie video because we're not sure how we feel about it

...and it is causing us a GREAT deal of PAIN and SUFFERING.

That was the video for Kylie's new single "2 Hearts".

First off, after years of anticipation and the suspense of grave medical setbacks, we would have expected the new Kylie video to be a little more than a Goldfrapp video from 2005. That said, the song has the potential to be brilliant after a few listens and perhaps hearing it BANGING from a club PA. The "Whoo!" parts in the chrous are pretty awesome and make us want to get up and dance, though the song could have used a cool middle eight and another chorus (perhaps added "Whoo!"'s?) All in all we are waiting to hear the full album before passing any sort of final judgment on this whole comeback business, so for now we will just say:

1. It's no "Catch You" and
2. We haven't heard the new Dannii single but if it's better than "2 Hearts" then we WILL NOT be responsible for our actions.

PS: We are happy that Kylie is back! Back!! BACK!!!!

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Blogger Unknown said...

love the (goldfrapp-esque) repieition and sexed up video !!

4:21 PM  

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