Monday, July 17, 2006

Sheena is a parasite

Confession time: at first we kind of dismissed the Horrors as hokey post-Libertines British fodder because they dress like Gomez Addams and have names like "Spider Webb" and "Coffin Joe". But then, two things happened. First, the above video came to our attention. Second, we realized that we love post-Libertines British fodder! The video is for the Horrors' new single, "Sheena is a Parasite", and it's directed by Disco Nap-proclaimed Freakiest Man Alive: Mr. Chris Cunningham. We've been huge fans of Cunningham's ever since we were first subjected to the terror of his "Come to Daddy" video for Aphex Twin many moons ago. We watch the Director's Label DVD religiously, and the fact that he chose the Horrors for his first video in over six years has to go for something, right? So we gave the Horrors another chance and needless to say, we've been scouring the five buroughs for a copy of the single for the past week (if anyone finds it, let us know). As if God knew exactly what we needed to make our lives better, the video stars none other than OUR FAVORITE BRITISH ACTRESS EVER: SAMANTHA MORTON. The one who wears Tom of Finland T-shirts to the Oscars, and is playing Deborah Curtis in Anotn Corbijn's Joy Division biopic. I think Cunningham throws some squids on her in the video. Anyway, amazingness ensues. It's already banned on MTV. PUNK.

And just for you, dear DN readers, here is a demo verison of the Horror's song "Count in Fives":

The Horrors - Count in Fives (Demo)

Believe us when we say we're going to be the first people on the bandwagon once these dudes hit the States.

BONUS: Our second-favorite Aphex Twin/Cunningham video, "Windowlicker":


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