Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MIA is Back! Back!! BACK!!!

We're not quite sure how we feel about the new MIA single "Boyz", it starts off with an AMAZING horn sample, but unlike "Bucky Done Gun", it kind of veers off into incomprehensible shouting towards the middle, but the sample comes back at the end. I think we need to sit down with the entire album before forming an official opinion.


A quick look at MIA's myspace page reveals that she is playing the (last?) SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL on July 21st, possibly the only reason to trek down to the vomit-covered beaches of Coney Island to bake in the sun and listen to some bands--that, and Lavender Diamond. But we digress.

MIA has also relaunched to look like something Paper Rad slapped together during their lunch break, but we're sure she's going for some sort of Third World technology aesthetic. We know you've probably already cold checked the video on every blog known to man, but here it is for the six millionth time.

That's that then.

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