Thursday, June 14, 2007

This Is That Amazing Calvin Harris Promo We Were Talking About

This is the promo.

OMG! The fly-eye glasses are "perforated", so they look silver when inner sleeve is inserted.


These are our thoughts on I Created Disco, the Calvin Harris record.
1. It is unlikely Calvin Harris created disco.
2. "The Industry" sounds like Kraftwerk, we believe on purpose.
3. "Vegas" sounds like LCD Soundsystem, we believe not on purpose.
4. There is one of those annoying Basement Jaxx-style "interludes".
5. We're tempted to say that "Acceptable in the '80s" and "Girls" are the best consecutive dance singles by one artist since like, "One More Time" and "Aerodynamique" or something, though we'd probably be wrong, and anyway all that would change once the Simian Mobile Disco and Justice records come out.
6. It's very good.

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