Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ok, everyone just back up for a quick sec

We know we just posted about Swedish europop princess Sally Shapiro, but since then a few critical points have been brought to our attention:

1. She is amazing.
2. Sally isn't her real namd and she doesn't perform live.
3. There's a fucking AMAZING (and we do mean AMAZING) remix of her already AMAZING (and we mean AMAZING) song "Hold Me So Tight" by Kimono Kops.

Sally Shapiro - "Hold Me So Tight (Kimono Kops remix)"

This may possibly be Sally's Best Song Everâ„¢. It's like the best Ladytron song they never wrote (and probably never will, are we right). Sally's record is coming out on Paperbag (same label as Tokyo Poilce Club) so be sure to cop that shit as soon as it hits your local indie retailer.

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