Friday, October 05, 2007

So apparently we're the last people to know that there's a new Bloc Party single out

Good Weather For Air Strikes posted it and now we are going to as well.

But first, a photo of Kele looking quite jolly at Bloc Party's Madison Square Garden last night, from our good friend Abz Punk Photo:


Anyway the song is called "Flux" and here it is:

Bloc Party - "Flux (Radio Rip)" [alt link]

Dude OK. We know Kele came out and everything (we actually saw dudeface at popular indie gay bar Eastern Bloc the night before the show...) but does the new mini-comeback single HAVE to be a hi-NRG cockgobble? It's a step up from ANYTHING on A Weekend In The City (but we mean, what isn't) but still, we were looking forward to another indie masterpiece a la "Little Thoughts" (HOW GOOD IS THAT SONG???). That said, if this song wasn't by Bloc Party we'd probably be all like AMAZING and BEST EVER and stuff like that. You be the judge, AMERICA :(

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Blogger Planet Verge magazine said...

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