Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This is Polish Treacle Association

Or something. Actually, it's just some image we got off of their MySpace. Actaully, Polish Treacle Association would probably look something more like this:

As it is actually Joel from Good Shoes' new side project. Unlike Good Shoes (who we adore), PTA sounds more like Dan Treacy from Television Personalities before he went COMPLETEY BATSHIT CRAZY, or perhaps Beat Happening fronted by Jamie T. It's really, really good scuzzy indie pop (the best kind). Here is a sampling:

Polish Treacle Association - "How You Spell Strait Jacket (Demo)"

Don't thank us.

On a related note, Good Shoes are releasing their Best Song Everâ„¢ as a single, thus joining the handful of artists who have done so in the history of the planet. The song is "Smalltown Girl", obviously. This is the video.

We're probably going to go to jail if someone traces our ISP address after saying this, but isn't Rhys kind of rocking the short hair/peachfuzz-college-freshman beard combo? Oh, how we fear our fiery desires...

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