Saturday, May 24, 2008

Now seems a good a time as any to say that we've never really given a shit about Danity Kane

...but "Damaged", despite clearly being avoided by DN staffers for several months, has definitely grown on us. Be it the 20 Fingers-style vocal edits (and you can never really go wrong with 20 Fingers-style vocals edits), the drum pattern lifted pretty much without reserve from "Maneater" or the fact that the song is firmly setting back feminism by decades with the most RI-DI-CU-LOUS lyrics of the year ("Oh hello, Mr. Handsome and Strong Gentleman. Being a LADY, you see, I am incapable of joy or satisfaction without having one of you big, strapping gents around to poke my hoo-ha with your muscle-stick. Mind having a go while I writhe around in a dress inspired by my male stylists bedsheets etc etc") but we just danced around our bedrooms to it, three times. Of course, like all American girl group songs, the track catches the fast train to Snoozeville after about 2:30 minutes, the "My H-E-A-R-T is D-A-M-A-G-E-D" bringing the last lyrical LOL before some lame ass rapper lays down some boring spoken word bits (because you know, there has to be a dude on it for people to take it seriously) but the fact of the matter is "Damaged" catchy as hell, and did we mention the vocal edits? Amazing.

So yeah, we like "Damaged" by Danity Kane.

Here is "Damaged" by Danity Kane.

Danity Kane - Damaged (zShare)
Danity Kane - Damaged (YSI)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that lame ass rapper is p diddy, and this comment is sooo not to seem snarky because the hate i feel for p diddy fuels 5 white hot suns

11:36 PM  

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