Monday, June 02, 2008

Stop the goddamn, motherfucking presses

Two amazing things happened today:

1. We realized that, sometime in the recent past, Sophie Ellis-Bextor performed a pop show dressed as a rabbit and

2. Sophie released two new songs via her MySpace (HerSpace?). Now, if you've been keeping up on All Things Sophie (probably not on this web site as we only update once every two weeks, if you're lucky) you'll know that she was supposed to release a Great Hits compilation, only for the world at large, in an unprecendented display of good judgment, realized that La Bex is one of the most consistently amazing pop ladies of our time and deserves a new album full of awesome songs. Good call, World At Large.

In normal circumstances we'd lament someone (kind of) re-releasing "Off and On", a track that California Roisin Murphy already trashed and has been on the Internet since approx. the fall of Rome (and we don't mean central Italy circa September 2007, arewerite), but beggars can't be choosers, and we'll take new Sophie tracks where we can get them (although if someone makes her record a Lil Chris cover we're calling it quits).

The other song is called "Heartbreak Make Me a Dancer" (of course it is...) which doesn't really go out of its way to break the straight 206 (approximate) singles Sophie has released featuring the themes of love, dancing, or some variation thereof. For some reason we picture Sophie singing this song in the studio strapped to a chair while Debbie Harry in Hairspray screams: "COME ON NOW! ONE-TWO CHA CHA CHA! ONE-TWO CHA CHA CHA!"

Yes, clearly we're really that gay.

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