Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We'd like to declare October 14th, 2008 National "Womanizer" Day

We will confess, under oath, that when we first heard "Womanizer" we were a bit underwhelmed. After the amazing run that Blackout had (and by "amazing" we mean "Gimme More"), it all seemed too much, too soon--new album, new single, supposed mental stability. "Womanizer" was a little bit of fluff on the end of a year that saw Britney plunge to the deepest depths (VMAs, anyone?), and score some of the musical highlights of her career. Interesting stuff, right? Yeah. Well, surprise, turns out that "Womanizer" is the best Britney single since "Slave 4 U". HOW'S THAT FOR A TWIST.

Anyone who reads this blog (i.e. two people) knows that Britney is one of our favorite modern pop stars: a completely blank canvas for genius marketing directors and press agents to craft what they think the best pop star in the world should be. Yeah, it almost destroyed her, but "Womanizer" is hopefully the light at the end of a dank, dark, tunnel.

Get into it guys. GET. N. 2. IT.

PS: "You say I'm crazy/I got your crazy" is such a better line that "It's Britney bitch".

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Blogger hurdy girdle said...


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Blogger Unknown said...

The song was clearly written for Girls Aloud, so I can hear why you like it. But the vid is the usual confused Girlpower shlock directed by and for men - dominatrix/victim, disguised/naked, genius/retarded, etc. Can the barbie brigade find a new visual record to scratch please? Ug :(

10:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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