Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Katy Perry Remix To End All Katy Perry Remixes

We randomly came across this remix of "Hot N Cold" by someone named Daddy Nino (or Niño, perhaps? It's hard to tell WHEN PEOPLE USE ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME), while looking for new and inventive ways of making Katy Perry listenable. Holy mother of Christ, this remix is fucking amazing. We basically sat in front of the computer making more and more confused faces until it ended and we started it again. If Katy Perry sounded like this all the time she would have easily been our breakout artist for 2008*. Instead, it takes some kid making YouTube remixes with Garageband to make one of the highest selling new female artists around not make us want to take a chainsaw to our nether regions. Who ever said the world made sense (we believe it may have been Confucius, but that is neither here nor there, really).

Amaxing (typo, keeping it).

*While being amazing, "Hot N Cold (Daddy Nino remix)" does not make up for "I Kissed a Girl".

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