Friday, March 30, 2007

So, Our PATD! Tribute Band Is Totally Going To Be Called Pornomime


That's our internal OMG alarm going off at this new Panic! video.

At least we think it's new, frankly we've been kind of "out of it" (i.e. drunk) these last few weeks. Anyway.

We almost gave this video the good old "It Came From WTF", but seriously, if we did that every time Panic! made a video or did a photoshoot... this video is pretty WTF though, you gotta admit. Serious LOL at the part where the mime is like, making it with some other invisible girl then the one he was before and his girlfriend gets all pissed? And where did she find an invisible guy to fuck at the end? On a related note, wouldn't that be rad if you could summon some invisible dude to fuck you whenever you wanted? And then just wish him away when he was done? That wuold be so Desperate Housewives etc. Apparently there's a NSFW 18+ version of the video out somewhere, if one of you guys have it, send it over to

One of our friends heard a demo of one of the new Panic! songs, and said it was inspired by Moulin Rouge. No, ya think??

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