Saturday, April 07, 2007

Karaoke for the soul

New York by New York, a new mini mag produced by our favorite, New York Magazine has a premiere feature event for all of the indie loving kids to show off their singing chops at Indie Rock Karaoke...

"We got the minor supergroup Of Montreal to be the house band for our karaoke party. Michael Showalter, of the since-cancelled TV show Stella (who you might've missed in Reno 911!: Miami, though he had at least two lines) will emcee. Confusingly, he'll be in character as Alan Shemper from Wet Hot American Summer. After the karaoke is over, Of Montreal will have their revenge, playing a set of their own songs. And then Flosstradamus will D.J. until break of dawn." []

This is new, smart marketing initiative on NY Mag's part by reaching out to a new audience because with every ticket purchase you will receive a 46 issue subscription.

Start practicing to your choice Of Montreal track singing in the shower or in front of the mirror for this event happening on April 14th at Studio B in Brooklyn.

Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate like a Promothean Curse

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Blogger karen said...

I AM SO EFFING JEALOUS THAT YOU GET TO GO TO THIS. new york 10,000 points. houston ZERO

10:43 PM  

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