Friday, March 30, 2007

Never Be Alone...

This is where we were last night...

We skipped the line around the Maritime Hotel, the people with the fake ids, and entered into the sweaty crowd for the love of Australian duo, The Presets but most of all, we braved this crowd for the Ed Banger night with DJ Medhi, Busy P, Sebastian and Justice! Last night made us want to pack our bags and seriously move to Europe. Well we always want to move to Europe...but it was a night not to be missed and it truly won't be because every where we turned we bumped into fellow music bloggers, photo bloggers, djs and friends who will probably have a better account of last night than us. We were too busy emptying out our pockets trying to get drunk off the beer and whiskey shot special and elbowing for room to shimmy. The night would have been better had there actually been room to move.


(is it poor form to break out a whistle on the dance floor? cause we feel the whistle...)

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