Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh La La, Les Awesome Bands! Part 2: Soko

In the second installment of our vin rouge et camembert week of French follies, we'd like to introduce to you the latest folk two-piece that has stolen our hearts: Soko. Sounding kind of like The Bird and The Bee (with more than one good song), Stina Nordenstam, Karen Ann and Bjork, Soko's anti-torch song "I'll Kill Her" TOTALLY blew our minds when we first heard it a few weeks back. If you've ever crushed on someone so much you kind of wanted to take a pneumatic drill to their face, this is the song for you. "I'll kill her/she stole my future and broke my dream" coos lead singer Soko Girl with the sort of nonchalant drawl that makes Isabelle Huppert sound like Roseanne. In case you hadn't noticed yet, WE APPROVE.

Soko - "I'll Kill Her"

Creepy right! Like La Boum meets Fatal Attraction! Soko are opening for the aforementioned Karen Ann in France this month, but no American dates have been set.

Also, feel free to cold check the video:


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