Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh La La, Les Awesome Bands! Part One: Sexual Earthquake in Kobe

Believe it or not, France has been sort of killing it as of late, which hasn't really happened since Daft Punk, and before that like, the '60s. With labels like the ever-inspiring Ed Banger, Les Daft, and rock bands such as Fancy, Rock and Roll and Plasticine (actually, Plasticine kind of suck but whatever), France seems to be on top of its musical game for ths first time in years. This, of course, is cause to celebrate, and what better way to do so than to bring you the best in current French music all week long! That's right, your "freedom fries" can suck it, stupid American!

Let us being with the electro three-piece, Sexual Earthquake in Kobe. Now, apart from having THE BEST BAND NAME EVER, they're also cute little French boys who are bent on replacing the Test Icicles-shaped hole left in the musical fabric of planet Earth since sometime in late 2005. Really, they sound sexactly like the Icicles except they're French. Whatever, it's AMAZING.

See for yourself.

Sexual Earthquake in Kobe - "Love With"

We first discovered this band through Big Stereo, so thanks to those kids! More French bands to come during the week, so stay tuned...

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