Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bass to mouth, etc.

SO, Lance Bass came out yesterday--we were a bit surprised, we always thought either Joey or JC would be the first ex-NSYNC member to admit to the pole. This "news clip" from E! has some pretty golden moments in it, including:
  • Ryan Seacrest acting as if he's qualified to comment on other people's "sexuality"!

  • A heartwarming story of Joey "walking in" on Lance and his boyfriend (unfortch sans reenactment)!

  • Lance referring to his and Joey's new show as "the new Odd Couple"!

  • Let's hear that one more time... "THE NEW ODD COUPLE"!

Let it be said that it was valiant of Lance to keep his orientation under wraps for the sake of his fellow bandmates... Lord knows he had us all fooled.



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