Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This isn't the new Roisin video, but frankly it might as well be

We're totally not over how FUCKING AMAZING "Modern Timing" is, every time we listen to it, it creeps further and further up our Best Songs Ever 2007™ list. Shit is unreal.

Anyway we've been trolling around Youtube for the video to the new California Roisin single, "Let Me Know", and came across this little thingy instead.

It's Roisin on the photoshoot for the SLEEVE of the new single. Frankly if we've ever heard of a better comcept for a video then we can't remember it. Imagine it: the MUSIC VIDEO is FOOTAGE from BEHIND THE SCENES of the PHOTOSHOOT for the AMAZING SINGLE ARTWORK. When you BUY THE SINGLE it would be like the CONCLUSION to the video you've been watching for the past two months. WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE PAY US TO COME UP WITH THIS SHIT?!?!?!?

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