Friday, September 29, 2006

Worry about it later

WTF? The Futureheads just cancelled their upcoming US tour. Ross posted this message on the band's Myspace...

Hi Guys,
It is with great sadness that I must tell you we have had to cancel our forthcoming US Tour, due to the development of Tendonitis in Barry's left wrist. He has been advised to rest and, as far as we can see, there is no way of us being able to make those shows work, given the state of his wrist.
We are all deeply disappointed at having to pull the shows at such a late stage, but there is no way around it for us. Apologies to the people with tickets - we promise to get out to the US at the next available opportunity. The UK tour will not be affected by this given that there are some months before it begins.
Again, we are deeply sorry, but I guess we have to focus on Barry making progress toward recovery, and only rest will enable that.
Thanks for your understanding,
Ross (The Futureheads)

In the "Meantime" (LOL!) check out the band's recent video for "Worry About it Later":


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All Night Disco Party...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We saw the Raconteurs last night

Friday, September 22, 2006

Find single. Buy single. Play

It's a bit Being John Malkovich, no?

We are of course referring to the Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly video for "Call Me Ishmael", a song that was released in the UK a few months ago, but we can't seem to locate in the greater Tri-state area--pity. :(

We've been completely head over heals for Get Cape since we discovered the band back in March (we say "band", but it is in fact the solo project for Sam Duckworth, who's name we still can't get over). We saw Get Cape when Sam played the Living Room in New York in front of literally like 12 people, all of which I am sure were major record label execs. Sam's creed of heart-on-your-sleeve acoustic emo-folk is just what we need every time we realize, that, yes, the world has gone to shit. Check out "Call Me Ishmael" below and tell us that it doesn't make dog poo turn into candy, a la Lily Allen!

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Call Me Ishmael

We wonder if Sam's playing CMJ? Anyone know?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Klaxons in NYT

The Klaxons media blitzkreig is finally hitting Stateside: first with a live review in The New York Times, then with our upcoming review on

Yes, we saw them and they were on fucking fire. More to come.

Monday, September 18, 2006

White Stripes on Simpsons: slightly retarded

You know, I'm beginning to doubt if The Simpsons was ever really funny. I saw some old episodes the other day and they weren't very entertaining. Anyway, the fabled White Stripes cameo finally aired last week, and it's worth a gander. If only for Meg going aggro (didn't realize her voice could go beyond "sleepy/creepy").

This is the part where we copy/paste the video from YouTube.

We once saw Meg at one of our friends' birthday party at Bar 2A. The "DJ" (i.e. someone's iPod) played "My Doorbell" and she made a face and left. PRIZE!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Who Will Be Auf'd?: Ultimate Edition!

This morning (at the ungodly hour of 9a.m., we've been informed) was the Project Runway season finale fashion show--right across town in Bryant Park. We would have gone, had we not been writhing in bed trying to hold down last night's whiskey. Anyway, after viewing the results thanks to the all-consuming media vacuum that is Getty Images, we're GREATLY (that's GREATLY) dismayed to report that it looks like Jeffrey "Rock Stars like Britney Spears" Sebelia might take home the title. His collection was cute (and timely: what up polka dots!), wearable and chic. Unlike the dress he shat out last week*, did you see that fug? The hell? Pleather leggings have always yelled "cocktail dress" to me, Jeff. Jesus.

Below are our favorite pieces from each designer's collection, with links and the whole deal. Tell us who you're putting money on come the finale!

Laura Bennett

DN's fave piece:

We have hardcore love for Laura, and have since the very first episode. We totally fagged out and screamed "Yaaaaaaay!" at the TV when she won the black-and-white challenge last episode. Her collection looks a little too Victoria's Secret-y with all the lace and shit, but this garment kind of makes us want to go all mod and prance around '60s Camden Town (but then again, what doesn't).

Michael Knight

DN's fave piece:

Michael has always made our loins all aflutter (he's GOT TO BE GAY) and for that, he gets our vote. His collection totally takes the '70s Blaxploitation vibe he loves and gives it a Luda/Cam'ron/Kanye twist. Maybe he's a little too provocative to take home the prize, but he'll always be a winner with us...

Lastly, this bitch's waist is like the size on my wrist. I kind of want to force-feed her a cow.

Jeffrey Sebelia

DN's fave piece:

CAN'T EVEN TALK. This dude is such a cock. But his clothes are nice. Here's to hoping Michael knocks his bitch ass out of competition. THE END.

Uli Herzner

DN's fave piece:

We've really tried to jump on the Uli bandwagon all season... but something about her doing the EXACT. SAME. GARMENT. every episode kind of turned us off her. But we must say, this collection is REALLY GOOD. She veers into Barbarella territory at times (you'll see what I'm talking about) but with this collection Uli could be this season's Chloe, a total surprise win.

Best to all of the contestants (except Neck Tattoo)! Our final wager, ladies and gents, is Michael Knight: our minds say maybe but our bodies say yes :(

*How retarded was last week's challenge BTW. As IF Angela or Vin-sane were going to be winning any challenges. They should have brought back Malan and Alison, obvs!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hot summer. What a bummer.

Certain people have been complaining about us not updating, so here's an easy post. Bitches.

We've been jamming out to the Young Knives for quite some time now, and they've juse remade the video for their flagship indie hit, "Weekends and Bleakdays". It's basically Wire, if sung by fatty (fattier?) Brits in tweed suits. Here it is, for your viewing plesure:

More is coming soon, probably more regularly as soon as we:
a) get our lives back from work and
b) redesign this bitch! Seriously this blog is fug!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Isn't Life Already in 3D?

Until September 30th, on exhibit at Deitch Gallery is an installation inspired by Michel Gondry’s upcoming release, The Science of Sleep starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg. If you live in the New York area, I suggest you check out the exhibit because it’s quite magical and if you’re as excited as we are for the film – you will enjoy it thoroughly.

Here’s the press release from the gallery:
“Deitch Projects is pleased to present The Science of Sleep; an exhibition of sculpture and pathological creepy little gifts by Michel Gondry coinciding with the release of his new movie The Science of Sleep. Though he first rose to acclaim as a director of award-winning music videos and feature films, Gondry is also an immensely imaginative artist. In this exhibition, The Science of Sleep movie sets are presented and elaborated on as to allow their more concerted consideration as sculpture. A walk through the exhibition will immerse the viewer in the sculptural experience of the movie in three dimensions.”

Enjoy the trailer below:

Another fun event organized by Deitch Projects in collaboration with Creative Time and Paper Magazine is the 2nd annual ART PARADE. Last year’s parade was crazy fun, confetti fell from the sky, pretty floats, and many characters to be seen. Check it out, it starts tomorrow at 4 PM.

title or description

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Girl and the Sea

Above: The Presets' video for "Down Down Down"

Last night, CEC and I went to see the Crashin’In presents: The Presets (Modular) at Williamsburg’s Galapagos; joined by Holy Hail and Goat Explosion, they rocked the Tuesday night out of all of us. You will probably be hearing a lot more about Holy Hail in the near future. Their album is being released by Playlouder Recordings home to such blog favorites, Serena Maneesh and Voxtrot. If you dig a mix of The Brunettes + Gossip+ electro-folk = Holy Hail. Goat Explosion (Jonathan of Elkland and Jacob of Flashlight Party) brought me back to 1986, wow I would have only been 3 years old...My point is I totally dig 80’s influences but we’re in 2006, can we change it up a bit? I am one who can appreciate synth-heavy tracks but they were missing something, but most of all it was their stage presence that was lacking. I was also completely perplexed by how abruptly their set ended.

But the sole reason the kids came out on a Tuesday night was for the Australian Duo The Presets. I had seen them once before when they opened for Hot Chip at The Bowery Ballroom in the spring, but they made me fall in love with them all over again last night. Julian’s vocals were so on point and Kim’s drumming was out of control. Their set consisted of the hits, " Down Down Down," "Are You the One," and "Girl and the Sea." It was great to see the crowd in their shimmying, spaztastic glory throughout the set. More cowbell!!! Catch The Presets on tour in a city near you before they embark on a UK tour with the Rapture.

Ahh...crazy Tuesday but get ready for crazier Wednesdays? Stay tuned for more info on a new and rad dance party, We are Your Friends to hit New York City. A bi-weekly Wednesday party to celebrate getting halfway through the week, to celebrate the coming weekend and to seeing your friends! Yeahhhhh!