Monday, December 24, 2007

BREAKING: We didn't die when we watched the new Ashlee Simpson video

We find it very, very difficult to like Ashlee Simpson, if only due to the fact that all of her songs are awful and she's merely the bi-product of her father trying to get rich off of his offspring. It's creepy and gross and not what pop music should be about. We'd like to go on a rant about parents ruining the lives of their pop star children but WE SHALL REFRAIN.

Anyway, a friend told us to check this out, so we did.

We were pleasantly surprised. It seems like vocoder/autotune is totally back, Cher circa 1999-style (can we also talk about the fact that "Potential Breakup Song" hasn't made any year-end lists yet... egregious), and since no one is asking Ashlee to sing a note by herself, all the better. Timbaland produced this (it's called "Outta my Head" BTW), so there's at least a modicum of awesome instrumentation, and dare we say it, the video is kind of cute.

While this new development does not change our overall outlook on Ashlee Simpson's "oeuvre" we will say that the song is worth a spin and we're looking forward to jumping around to it at a nightclub during the holidays.

Case closed on "Outta My Head" then. Well played, Simpson, well played.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're in a really weird state of mind right now

Last night, we went to the Knitting Factory with Abbey Punk Photo and witnessed this:

Which is John C. Reilly as Dewey Cox performing a song from his upcoming movie Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. You would think that listening to someone sing songs off of a teleprompter and tell dick jokes for an hour would be lame, but it was actually satisfyingly entertaining, probably because people have just seemed to realize that John C. Reilly is a fucking genius and actually hilarious. But we digress (sort of). It was really good but what made us want to post about the performance (because Disconap is of course a POP BLOG and not a MOVIE BLOG or a COUNTRY PASTICHE BLOG) was this:

...which is obviously Reilly as Dewey Cox covering Amy Winehouse. The funny thing is, had Dewey Cox actually existed (and not just have been a fabricated character BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE GUYS WHO MADE SUPERBAD etc etc) Amy Winhouse would have probably thought he was cool, and this cover would have had the effect of Johnny Cash covering "Hurt" or "Personal Jesus" when that happened a few years back. It just made us really sad to hear "Rehab" because, well, it's brilliant, and if Amy weren't so troubled or whatever she would probably be one of the best pop singers of our generation. But because we live in a society that seems to have no better passtime than to crucify random people (not to get all "LEAVE AMY ALONE!" on you guys) we're stuck with a woman who's walking around the street in her underwear. For serious, if this was your cousin's girlfriend or something, you wouldn't think it was funny, you'd think it was sad and horrible.

ANYWAY, we've kind of lost our train of thought, so we guess just enjoy the video and think about Amy in better times (we're thinking the "Fuck Me Pumps" video).

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Friday, December 14, 2007

We've posted about this before

...but as Dragonette are the best pop band in the world you'll just have to deal.

It's a shaky YouTube clip of their new song, "Big Sunglasses". Will "Big Sunglasses" be dubbed Best Song Ever™ 2008? Possibly, if Hot Chip cease to exists this very second.

Maybe we'll keep posting live clips of this song until you can paste together the entire single! It will be all "user generated content" etc etc.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

We're experiencing temporal difficulties

...please stand by.

Basically, we've been busy. We will resume posting regularly probably like today. But don't worry, WE HAVE HEARD THE NEW JANET JACKSON SINGLE AND WE HAVE THOUGHTS.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

:( x infinity

If this is Christmas spirit then we call it quits early. Poor Amy.


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Monday, December 10, 2007

We interviewed Calvin Harris and this is what happened

As some of you know already, we sometimes lend our extensive knowledge of music to the good people at and interview pop stars for their program The Dive. Most recently we had a little sit down in the rain with Calvin Harris and talked about (among other things) Kylie Minogue. This was before X was actually released, so there was still a little bit of an air of mystery and awe around the tracks Calvin had produced for her. But since now everyone has heard them we suppose there's not much of a point to hyping them up. Though for the record, Calvin + Kylie = OMG.

We learned a few things about Calvin that day, like:

fig 1. Calvin likes milkshakes, preferably chocolate.

fig 2. Sometimes, Calvin contemplates about the finer points in life, like the Mitchell Brothers.

fig 3. It was Calvin's first time in New York.

We hope you enjoy our interview as much as Calvin did (obviously). To watch it, click here.


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Oh dear Lord Jesus in the heavens above, WE ARE GOING TO DIE.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Alright, so this is Hot Chip

And we are totally fucking obsessed with their new single. Yes, every blogger on Earth has been going on and on about "Ready for the Floor" ("IT'S AMAZING!" "IT SUCKS!" "IT WAS WRITTEN FOR KYLIE!" "IT'S ABOUT BATMAN!" etc etc) but the truth of the matter is blatant, and goes something like this:

1. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "Call the Shots"
2. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "My Dunks"
3. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "2 Hearts"
4. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "Bleeding Love"
5. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "Clean up Your Eyes" (but not by much)
6. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "Gimme More"
7. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "Bizzle Bizzle"
8. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "Sweaty"
9. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "About You Now"
10. "Ready for the Floor" is better than "Song 4 Mutya"


1. "Ready for the Floor" is not better than "Catch You".

Here is the extended version of "Ready for the Floor", entitled "Ready for the Floor (Extended Version)".

Hot Chip - "Ready for the Floor (Extended Version)"

Thank God for Hot Chip.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holy God there is a new Bonde do Role video

...and granted, it's for that one song we've been dancing to for what seems like the better part of a century (that's "Marina Gasolina" obviously) but it's still really good, and the video really fucked-up and John Waters-y. Therefore, worth a viewing.

WARNING: breasts.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


MGMT Video Premiere on

Read about what we dig about them here.

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We Like...

photo: katelyn roof

We really like the Dreamboat Guild, I mean the Depreciation Guild. (oops...Freudian slip)
We do like looking at them but more importantly we like listening to them. We dig their brand of shoegaze-y, electro-rock with a Nintendo twist. It's the recipe for awesome pop music.
Judge for yourself. Download their album, In Her Gentle Jaws for free today at their website by clicking the image below:

(FYI: The album was mixed byJosh Eustis, of Telefon Tel Aviv!!!)

Want to see them live? If you live in the NYC area, come to Club 205 tonight and check them out. Their set time is 9:45PM. Come a little early and jam out to dj sets between bands by Doorknobz himself (member of a band we <3....The Pains of Being Pure at Heart)

CEC and KKH will be there. See you then.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

God, not another Weird YouTube Rut...

Not again...

This one will be totally worth it though, because we're about to post the video for Hot Chip's super awesome and super gay new single, "Ready For the Floor".

IT'S ALL BATMAN REFERENCES. It's amazing and great and possibly the best song of the year (after "Call the Shots" and some of the Tracey Thorn singles). We love Hot Chip because like all great bands there's only one of them (when, let us not kid ourselves, there are about five Klaxons at the moment). They are one in a million, and kind of remind us of what the Scooby Gang would sound like if they were all men in their 30s and started an electro band.

Joe would be Scooby, obviously.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

So we guess there's a new Mutya Buena video out several "Youtubers" have uploaded "B-Boy Baby" within the past hour. So much for that marketing campaign, right, Universal? Etc, etc.

This is of course the track Mutya recorded with Amy Winehouse before Ames went off the deep end with a husband in jail, a crack addiction, a deserting fanbase, a--[OK, we get it--Fallen Popstars Ed.]. Frankly we haven't even watched the full video and we already know that Amy isn't going to be in it, so that takes away about 50% of the pleasure right there. Also, one should note that the song samples "Be My Baby" by '60s girl group The Ronettes, who, if we're going to be frank about it, were the Sugababes of their time.

You'd have thought that if she released this six months ago it would have done wonders for the album, but what can you do. We're sure that Siobhan Donaghy is laughing all the way to the bank (or perhaps not).

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Over the weekend we went to the last ever Avenue D show

...and it looked like this:

For an hour.

And it was fucking awesome. RIP, etc.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

This is all we have to offer

Last night we went to see Tigercity, currently the Best Band in New York™, play an early set at the Bowery Ballroom. It was one of the best shows we've seen in a while (well, since Tigercity last played NYC) and it completely blew us away. We danced to every song with Abbey Punk Photo, smiled the whole way through, and marveled at singer Bill's new mustache. Good thing we brought our trusty "camera"-phone along for the evening, right?


Here is some more "lively" footage from when we last saw them during the CMJ Music Marathon last month. The song is "Are you Sensation?" and it's amazing, and as we write this we're realizing we have talked about this track before, but it is THAT GOOD.

Don't thank us.

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