Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Annie video was deleted from YouTube but now it's back

...for a limited time only. :(

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Friday, April 25, 2008

We're not really that into the microphone in the new Annie video

The new Annie video is really good, it's called "I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me" and it's about women viciously hating each other (kind of like all of En Vogue or something) and that's all fun and games, but there's something we'd like to point out: Annie's microphone is shit and she knows it.

She's pissed.

Next to music and hair, microphone selection is one of the most important tasks a popstar has to undertake, and sometimes, as above, things tend to go horribly awry. Say what you will about the international mega-fiasco that was "2 Hearts", at least it had this:

Now THAT'S a mic.

It's obvious that they tried to rectify their error with a quick mic change near the end of the video:

...but the damage had already been done. Shame.

Video: 100%
Microphone: 0%

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Monday, April 21, 2008

This is Cuizinier

...preparing to perform cunnilingus on a microphone.

Get into it, dude.

Anyway, we really try to hate Cuizinier because he obviously fucked over our girl Yelle, who is becoming way more successful and awesome then him (even though we simply CANNOT hate on Teki Latex and 3615 TTC, whatever), but this new song we just came across is like, holy FUCKING SHIT. The secret ingredient is obviously DJ Orgasmic, who produced the motherfucking shit out of this record. It's so approved we can't even deal. We need a new level of approval.

Cuizinier - Quand Tu M'aimes

We can't. PS who do we contact to get the next Kylie record produced by Orgasnic...?

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Friday, April 18, 2008


We give up. We fucking GIVE UP.

(Thanks Keane)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Someone finally put Madonna in the "I Want to Break Free" video. Or perhaps not. In any case, this video is 2000% amazing and approved.

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We often blog about parties we're going to rock out at and most of the time these parties are taking place at Studio B. We can confirm that Studio B is planning to open their very own rooftop bar. YAY! Everyone loves getting tips tips outside in the summer heat.

Read more here.



When we first heard "One Heavy February" by Architecture in Helsinki, we were in mini-instrument loving heaven. Four years later, we still dig and their latest video for "Like it or Not" was done completely with CROSS-STITCHING! HELLO....HOW AWESOME!

Directed by Josh Logue at Mathematics, check out the vid via here.
If you like what you here check out the Like it or Not EP coming soon.

PS. AIH will be playing at this year's Coachella that kicks off next weekend in sunny CA.


SALLY SHAPIRO x 2 DN downloads!

We've showered our blog with Sally Shapiro and Scandanavian love before and we're about to some more with two downloads!

The new Remix Romance Vol. 1 features the track "Time to Let Go" by Sally remixed by Oslo's Lindstrom. If you're a fan of Lindstrom and the whole down-tempo/tropical stylings then you'll dig this track.

Sally Shapiro - Time to Let go (Lindstrom remix) mp3

AND we've also got the mp3 for Sally's "Jackie Junior" remixed by the lovely Junior Boys out on Paper Bag Records.

Sally Shapiro - Jackie Junior (Junior Boys remix) mp3

Both of these tracks will get the kids dancing and that's what we like!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

You're doing it wrong

Reason # infinity why we hate music journalism, and specifically Blender:

Fucking Blender, man.


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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Because that really needed to be gayer

So, if you watch the nationally televised train wreck that is American Idol, you'll have noticed that current Idol Jordin Sparks performed her duet Chris Brown, "No Air", on the show last night. There's a YouTube video. Here's the YouTube video.

It gets SUPER awkward after the second chorus (you can only really riff on lyrics about, um, suffocation for so long), and Chris sounds like he gargled with lighter fluid beforehand (you better work), but what can we say, after months of pretending to not like this song it has totally grown on us. Call us crazy [You're crazy--Ed.]

But, like with all things in general, the song got us wondering... wow, could this get any gayer? And just like a cheerleader in a slasher movie asking "Can this get any worse?" THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY. Turns out Jason Nevins remixed "No Air" for the CD single, and it's fucking high octane as shit. We suddenly feel like picking up a recreational crystal meth habit. Thanks Jason!

Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown - No Air (Jason Nevins remix)

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pretty pretty

Robyn is about to embark on her first full U.S. tour!
So get excited for some poptastic times...

US Tour Dates:

04/29 - Boston, MA @ Paradise
04/30 - Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
05/01 - New York, NY @ Virgin Megastore (Union Square)
05/01 - New York, NY @ Late Show w/ David Letterman
05/02 - New York, NY @ Grand Ballroom
05/04 - Montreal, Quebec @ La Tulipe
05/05 - Toronto, Ontario @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
05/07 - Chicago, IL @ Park West
05/13 - Portland, OR @ Berbati's Pan
05/14 - Seattle, WA @ Neumo's
05/16 - San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's 365 Club
05/17 - Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre

Here's the vid for "Who's That Girl?

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Monday, April 07, 2008

We have some harsh words for Ms. Minogue :( x 10000000

We try to focus on the positive here in DN-land, and we're sure we are all in agreement that Kylie Minogue is a fairly positive subject. We've always had nothing but the utmost respect for Kylie, and literally had to leave work when she was diagnosed with breast cancer (not joking). So it pains us to type these words, but WHAT. THE. FUCK. Every time we hear "All I See" we become more and more adamant in our thinking that it's really, really Not Good. Not Good At All. The problem presents itself thusly: We assume, as it has been demonstrated by various labels since "Fever" came out all those years back, that Universal/Astralwerks want to break America--something like how Leona Lewis just destroyed every radio format over the past month--and they thought that the quickest way to do so was to release a fluffy, totally harmless R&B ditty to assuage the US masses, as that's all we'll ever really listen to (except country, and somehow a "Kylie: Live in Nashville" album almost seems like a good idea at this point). What whoever chose "All I See" as her lead single in America forgot is heartbreakingly simple: Kylie Minogue is a 40-year-old white woman who can't sing. Again: KYLIE MINOGUE IS A 40-YEAR-OLD WHITE WOMAN WHO CAN'T SING. We love her. We adore her. She is our everything. She is our #1. But it's true. She needs huge, awesome pop production in order to sound like her larger-than-life self, and "All I See" just doesn't deliver in that department. In the above performance (from this morning's "Ellen Degeneres Show"), anyone with ears can hear that Kylie is not in her element: yes, she looks fabulous, yes, the dancers are doing their best to distract from the fact that the song is weak and Kylie surely hasn't gone to a "club" with a "boy" in quite some time (which is FINE), and it all comes off as SO desperate and shallow that it really makes us wonder if it was even worth releasing "X" in America in the first place. Surely a performance like that on a daytime television show geared towards middle-aged women and the lesbians who love them can't be doing a EURO-POP RECORD that much good? We would have been behind any other song (LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE) from "X" being on American TV (imagine the MAJESTY that is "In My Arms" or "Wow" or "Sensitized" or "Heart Beat Rock" in front of a couple hundred thousand viewers!), but not this. In a post-"Umbrella" world, "All I See" is totally useless, whereas "X" grows on us more and more with every listen. Sad.

Just to remind us that Kylie is amazing and can perform amazing songs amazingly, let's all dry our tears, sit down and watch this a few times, together:


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Friday, April 04, 2008

Against literally all odds, the new Ne-Yo song is fucking amazing

This is young R&B "crooner" Ne-Yo.

While we're sure we've heard Ne-Yo songs in the past (perhaps while perusing our local drug store, or blasting out of an Escalade at 3AM) we've never quite paid attention to the young man's oeuvre: that is until now. Keeping in mind that everything Ne-Yo has done up to this point is irrevocably shit, we urge you, the DN reader, to turn your attention to "Closer", his new single and possibly the best male R&B single of the year (which makes it, if you've been keeping track, 2008's answer to "Icebox" by Omarion). It's pretty gay, which is what makes it good, though we of course will not comment on Mr. Yo's sexual persuasion. We will, however, comment on the fact that he has a pencil mustache.

We leave you with a YouTube audio/video thing of "Closer", illustrated with "pics" of Ne-Yo looking saucy.


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Thursday, April 03, 2008

More Goldfrapp :(

We know. But we can't help it if Goldfrapp have taken it upon themselves to use March and April 2008 to be the best band ever.

Today they've gone and released the video for "Happiness", which is only about 65% as bizarre as their previous video for "A&E". At this rate in about eight video's time, Goldfrapp will just be shown in sweaters their moms knitted them, slackly gripping cups of tea and staring into space.

The best part is at 0:50, when Alison Goldfrapp is shown dressed as a demure Japanese secretary who is about to sustain a transformation from ugly duckling into beautiful swan, in a comic book geared towards 21 - 35 females.*

The video is Very Good.

*That made no sense.

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In which Kylie Minogue tries, for the millionth time, to break America

Last night, HRH Kylissia of the Minoguerites (no relation to Sophia von Bextorvilles) brought her 8 dancers in tow and performed on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Now, we've very big fans of the new album X, but we just can't seem to get behind "All I See", which is the chosen single for the American promotion of the record. It's just so... desperately AMERICAN, it makes us long for Kylie to put out a pure pop album that would essentially be "Wow" x 12, instead of "kind of weirdly awkward electro pop album" x 1. Also we really can't deal with the Tatyana Ali reference.

Anyway here is the video of last night's performance.

Yes, OK it was amazing but YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN.

It makes us long for the Kylie of yore. Or even the Kylie of new doing the Kylie of yore:


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Somehow, we are not sick of talking about the new Goldfrapp record

Here is a slightly dated photo of Alison Goldfrapp, flanked by two women dressed as wolves. leather bikinis. Gives a whole new meaning to "sheep in wolves clothing", right? (Actually not really).

It's been no secret around these parts that we've been "spinning" the new Goldfrapp album--one that we promptly filed under "UTTERLY AMAZING"--non stop. The great thing about the Frapp of Gold releasing a folky throwback to Felt Mountain is that there's now ample room for amazing producers to make amazing remixes of already amazing songs (see the undeniably genius Hercules and Love Affair), which is possibly our favorite thing in the world.

You may remember Kimono Kops from when we basically had a coronary over his Sally Shapiro and Bloc Party remixes last year, when he changed an awesome song and a shit song, respectively, into Amazing Pop Songs. He's now repeated the formula with "A & E" by Goldfrapp, and while we will state for the record that the original is so good it might just re-inflate the American economy and ensure Barack Obama's presidency (again, not really), the remix remains Very Good Indeed. And guess what?



Goldfrapp - "A & E (Kimono Kops remix)"

Don't thank us.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We have no idea what is going on in the new California Roisin video usual.

We could ostensibly go on and on about the conception and significance of Roisin's plastic rhinestone-encrusted Alexander McQueen mac or whatever, but let's be real: all of her videos are about two things--wigs and AWESOME. We are, indeed, overpowered.

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