Saturday, March 31, 2007

We Were Forced To Mosh To Disco Punk

Last night, Abbey PunkPhoto took us to see LCD Soundsystem at Bowery Ballroom, and do we ever owe her one. Not only because Papa Murph killed it, but also because one Janine Rostron, a.k.a. Planningtorock, was the opener. Imagine an intergalactic minial electro Patti Smith, and you're about 1/6th there. Seriously that shit was off the hook. We even got a pretty sick shirt:

Oh yeah.

Then we proceeded to get swallowed into a moshpit of rather sweaty North American Scum during LCD's "Movement", but surprisingly it as kind of fun.

Could have done without the 50-year-old stinky fellow jumping around directly to our right, though.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Never Be Alone...

This is where we were last night...

We skipped the line around the Maritime Hotel, the people with the fake ids, and entered into the sweaty crowd for the love of Australian duo, The Presets but most of all, we braved this crowd for the Ed Banger night with DJ Medhi, Busy P, Sebastian and Justice! Last night made us want to pack our bags and seriously move to Europe. Well we always want to move to Europe...but it was a night not to be missed and it truly won't be because every where we turned we bumped into fellow music bloggers, photo bloggers, djs and friends who will probably have a better account of last night than us. We were too busy emptying out our pockets trying to get drunk off the beer and whiskey shot special and elbowing for room to shimmy. The night would have been better had there actually been room to move.


(is it poor form to break out a whistle on the dance floor? cause we feel the whistle...)

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So, Our PATD! Tribute Band Is Totally Going To Be Called Pornomime


That's our internal OMG alarm going off at this new Panic! video.

At least we think it's new, frankly we've been kind of "out of it" (i.e. drunk) these last few weeks. Anyway.

We almost gave this video the good old "It Came From WTF", but seriously, if we did that every time Panic! made a video or did a photoshoot... this video is pretty WTF though, you gotta admit. Serious LOL at the part where the mime is like, making it with some other invisible girl then the one he was before and his girlfriend gets all pissed? And where did she find an invisible guy to fuck at the end? On a related note, wouldn't that be rad if you could summon some invisible dude to fuck you whenever you wanted? And then just wish him away when he was done? That wuold be so Desperate Housewives etc. Apparently there's a NSFW 18+ version of the video out somewhere, if one of you guys have it, send it over to

One of our friends heard a demo of one of the new Panic! songs, and said it was inspired by Moulin Rouge. No, ya think??

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bloggers With Zero Hand-Eye Coordination DJ Crashin' In With Their Favorite Teenage Band

Yes, you've read correctly. After a trial run a few weeks ago at The Annex, where the bartender totally went ape-shit and cut off our grande finale of "Destroy Everything You Touch", CEC and KKH are dipping their collective pinkie toe in the DJ kiddie pool once again--but this time at the fabled Crashin' In night. Not only is that amazing, but we'll be DJing with our mentors DJ Oil, Paulie and Gerald, AND two of our favorite bands of the moment, Holy Hail and the motherfucking Spinto Band will be performing! I know, you can barely raise your jaw from your desk to form the letters "OMG". So come all, be merry, and we might just take your request*!

*We won't.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Basically, The Jist of This Post Is That We're Really Tired and We Love The Noisettes

We're really, really fucking tired. We were sick all weekend (thanks global warming/bird flu/apocalypse) and our collective finger has been quite off the pulse. So off, in fact, that we slept on getting Ponys tickets for tonight. Anyway, we really like the Noisettes' new single, "Sister Rosetta", and we thought we would share our enjoyment. Insert your own witty Disconap-ism here.

See, indie rock bands? Is it that hard to make a nice, simple video without too much fussing around with green screens and quantum theory? Sure, we could have done without the A-Ha part towards the end but that was rather enjoyable, wasn't it?

Coincidentally, noisette means "nut" in French, but don't expect the guys in the band to show you theirs etc etc.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hoxton Heroes Get Crunk On YouTube

So, one single into their budding career, and New Rave ironists Hadouken! have already wrapped up a mini tour with Example and Plan B. At one of the shows, Example interviewed James Hadouken! for Beat Stevie, his YouTube channel, then a completely fucked-up Mike Skinner took the "reigns", such as they were.

Hilarity ensues.

Some points:

1. James appears to be wearing a shirt silk-screened with his own lyrics.
2. He has the HADOUKEN!! part down.
3. Though not the SONIC... BOOM! part, we must say.
4. Someone should have busted out the TATSUMAKI SENPUUKYAKU!.
5. If you listen to that really quickly it sounds like I expect some fruitcake, which has kept us amused on many a rainy day.
6. Hadouken! seems kind of dorky but we still love them.

Expect Repetitive Strain Industry sometime this summer.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Icelandic Punk Band Give Us Reason To Live

We were going to write a long post about how much we love this band, but really here's all you need to know: punk rock sucked but now it's good again because of Reykjavik!.

Check out their song "All Those Beautiful Boys", which they apparently performed at Iceland Gay Pride last year:

Reykjavik! - "All Those Beautiful Boys".

Wonderful. Last minute, but the boys are playing a FREE SHOW at Pianos tonight at 11. Be there, and be witness to loads of screaming, spitting, kicking and mircophone-fellating.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

We know you know it or do you?

The kids at Disconap have been grooving to this Brooklyn band for a while now. We've seen Foreign Islands live a handful of times, at an Oh My Rockness show with another awesome Brooklyn band, The Big Sleep, the Modular BBQ this past July, during CMJ week at a Crashin'In event, to name a few. And each time we've seen these guys, there is the same pumping energy and charm that fills the room. Berlin's Boys Noize is a fan too (he's remixed some of their tracks). Not to mention, we're suckers for tambourines, whistles and hand-claps. Having been described as a "spazz-punk explosion from the sky" expect this band to come to a city near you and tear down the house. With awesome live shows, a lineup change and a super catchy single later, these boys are gearing up for the release of their first full length, Restart Now [Deaf, Dumb and Blind!].

Listen to Fine Dining with the Future here.

If you live in New York, check them out with Swedes, Teddybears at the newly revamped Gramercy Theatre (used to screen films now a music venue) on 04/09/07.

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"Fit" DJs Remix London Teenagers For Your Electrobanging Pleasure

Every now and again, our email inbox decides to yeild something other than spam, Myspace comments and the desperate demands of some poor label intern. The other day, we got a nice little message from London-based Dj duo The C90s, with a link to their brilliant remix of Late of the Pier's "Space and the Woods". Now, "Space and the Woods" being LOTP's Best Song™, we were a little skeptical of it being rehashed. But the C90s boys knew what they were doing, apparently: their remix sounds like something MSTRKRTF would do, only it doesn't bore us to tears and make us want to shoot up every Korg in sight with an AK-47.

Late of the Pier - "Space and the Woods" (C90s Remix)

As a bonus, someone on the C90s Myspace page described the "one on the left" as "fit", which we found funny... in a good way.

We'll definitely be spinning it next time we DJ (March 31st at White Room, ahem).

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shiny Toy Guns To Tour With Band We Don't Like As Much As Keane

Bad news: Shiny Toy Guns aren't touring with Keane after all, thus prematurely nixing the Disconap Bands We Really Like And Don't Give A Fuck If You Don't World Tour 2007.

Good news: they just posted this to their Myspace:

we're coming home in a few weeks :)
we are reading your words and miss everything ..
and about keane ... we agree with you guys, they are a great band but placement wise not sure if it is the best decision for us. A tough one because they are personally one of our favorite bands.
instead our return to america will be begin with a massive co-headline tour across the country with new york's finest :
the rapture :)
and we begin where?
because we haven't ever visited there yet.
the tour will move from the rapture to a tour with ?????? to be named later, and will stretch to the end of June, ending in the summer air of a massive outdoor show in Milwaukee.

We don't know what's up with the Alan Ginsberg writing technique, but WE ARE HAPPY PEOPLE.

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It Came From WTF: The Arctic Monkeys Hurt Our Brains

We were lucky enough to be invited to a listening party for the new Arctic Monkeys album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, last month at a swank recording studio. We kind of weren't allowed to talk about it, but given that Domino has just posted the new video for comeback single "Brianstorm" on YouTube, we guess we can now?

First the album:

1. There's a song that sounds like Belle & Sebastian "down the chip shop" or something
2. It sounds like they've acquired a double-kick drum
3. It's good.

Secondly, the video:

1. Is there a David Lynch in the house? Perhaps the Monkeys have moved on from Saturday Night and Sunday Morning as cinematographic inspiration and onto Twin Peaks?
2. We're sure the dancing ladies are some sort of allegory to the band's international pop success and how the fame machine chews you up and so on and so forth, but it was all a bit flashy and seizure-inducing, no?
3. We kind of like this video
4. But we miss the fat one.

Favourite Worst Nightmare is out we-can't-remember-when-but-we're-sure-it's-in-April on Domino, who we're sure you'll agree are killing it, what with just having signed Bonde do Role. Prize!

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Crystal Castles Get Their Shit Semi-Together

The Castles just confirmed some US tour dates. Expect them to be cancelled because Alice loses her thumb in a freak lawm-mower accident, possibly.

Also, you can check out a preview of our XLR8R interview with Crystal Castles on Quite a nice little punks, actually.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Inconceivably, New Shiny Toy Guns Video Is Not For "Don't Cry Out"

...It's for the not-really-as-good "You Are The One". It's still pretty rad and head and shoulders above Christina or whatever reatrded ape released a pop single this week.

Enjoy. The video ties nicely into the current trend of adding a large dollop of WTF to music videos, what with the angels and the demons and the goths and the rain and the floating guitars and the wind storms and so on so forth. Also, it looks like they're performing on the Kryptonite island Kevin Spacey creates in Superman Returns:

For serious.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

After Literally Years of Procrastination, We Decide We Like The Sounds

The fact that The Sounds made the uncouth faux-pas of putting a MisShape on the cover of their most recent album Dying to Say This To You put us off the record faster than you could say "distrubing youth trend"--we shelved the album with giving it no more than one reluctant spin on the DNHQ stereo. We know, don't judge a book etc etc, but seriously, it was the girl from the MisShapes. Anyway, fast forward to last week, we're in London and one of our friends plays us the Rex the Dog remix of "Tony the Beat", an extremely catchy dance-pop number that sounds not unlike New Young Pony Club, only less monotonous. It swiftly became the soundtrack to our weekend. Upon returning to DNHQ, we decided to visit that lonely space between Soulwax and Soundtrack of Our Lives in our record collection and give Dying one last chance.

Verdict: it's fucking good. Expect total Sounds fever once the album is released in the UK (Popjustice is already all over it), and we'll definitely be front-row center when they come back to the States--MisShape or no MisShape.

Here's The Sounds' most recent video, for the brilliant "Painted by Numbers". It stars off with a quite breathtaking crotch shot. Check Maja's jean-shorts-and-susperders combo towards the middle... amazing.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Maximo Park Announce US Tour Dates To Promote Very Good Album Indeed

Ooooweeee. We got our grubby little mitts on the Maximo record and it's quite amazing, for various reasons:

1. The press release says it sounds like "The Smashing Pumpkins meets The Smiths" but it actually sounds like "Maximo Park meets Maximo Park"--and that's not a bad thing.

2. It has a song called "Girls Who Play Guitar", which we're sure you'll agree sounds pretty fetching.

3. Not that this is reflected on the record, but it would seem that Paul Smith has got his hair somewhat in order.

4. Once again, you can't exactly tell this by listening to the album, but Duncan is kind of hot now.

5. On "The Unshockable" Paul almost goes into some sort of pre-2006 Kaiser Chiefs-inspired "Whhoooooooooaaaaaa!"-type deal. He doesn't, unfortunately, but we'd like to believe the intention was there.

Here are the tour dates!

11 Jul 2007 / Boston @ Great Scotts
12 Jul 2007 / New York @ Webster Hall
13 Jul 2007 / Montreal @ La Tulipe
14 Jul 2007 / Toronto @ Mod Club
16 Jul 2007 / Chicago @ Double Door
17 Jul 2007 / Minneapolis @ Varsity Theatre
19 Jul 2007 /Denver @ Larimer Lounge
20 Jul 2007 / Salt Lake City @ Club Sound
22 Jul 2007 / Seattle @ Chop Suey
23 Jul 2007 / Vancouver @ Richards on Richards
24 Jul 2007 / Portland @ Doug Fir Lounge
26 Jul 2007 / San Francisco @ Popscene
27 July 2007 / Los Angeles @ El Ray Theatre
28 July 2007 / San Diego @ Casbah

And that death stare from the video again.

Never gets old!

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Mel C Looks Like Chan Marshall In Her New Video And It Disturbs Us

Nothing against Melanie C in theory, although we're rather perplexed as to why someone would think that the 56 millionth cover of The Strangeloves' "I Want Candy" would make for a good comeback vehicle. Seriously, could we be bored any harder. The only interesting thing about this video is that she looks like some sort of bizarro Cat Power, and seeing her flanked at each side by topless men in police uniforms is, quite frankly, too much to handle.

In other news, EMI seems to have registered a domain name for the Spice Girls renion tour, even though Mel C hasn't committed. Whatever! We're sure it's for chairty or something so that bitch will come around soon enough. Not only that, Simon Fuller probably has like $90 million hanging over her head or something.

We can almost hear the sounds of hundreds of Firefox windows closing after reading this post, but whatever, we're pumped about this. We could give a shit about Sufjan composing the oboe section of his new album about water faeries. Girl power!

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Put your hands on your waistline

We remember reading about Late of the Pier--a gangly bunch of teenage boys making Gary Numan-inspired dance songs--in an NME review of the all ages WayOutWest showcases. BAsically, the review was all like: "Don't forget this name best band ever" etc, but since the NME say shit like that even more then we do, we just made a quick mental note and moved on. WELL. We had the pleasure of catching LOTP opening for the Cribs last weekend in London, and they blew us the fuck away--and not just because their seriously mental fanbase of 16-year-olds were dancing like crazy and freaking out at the beginning of every song. And not just because the bassist was wearing some sort of corset he seemed to have fashioned out of tinfoil. And not just becuase they were playing keyboards balanced on an ironing board. Seriously. It was that awesome.

Here's the boys doing their shit at the Old Blue Last in London not too long ago.

OMG right? There's an MP3 of the song "Broken" over at Green Pea-ness that we're too lazy to upload. You should also check out the gallery of them playing at DURRR last Monday via DirtyDirtyDancing.

Next year we'll all be praying at these kids' feet so like, start early.


Monday, March 05, 2007


When Mando Diao's 2003 debut, Bring 'Em In was released we were utterly obsessed and had this album on non-stop! Four years later, the Swedish (oh la la) quintet comprised of members: Bjorn Dixgard: vocals, guitars, Gustaf Noren: vocals, guitars, C.J. Fogelklou: bass guitar, Samuel Giers: drums, and Mats Björke: keyboards will release their 3rd album entitled, Ode to Ochrasy (Mute) on April 24th.

The band has just released stateside tour dates in support of their new album!

Mando Diao on tour:

March 15: Austin, TX: SXSW: Antone’s (Spaceland Party)
March 15: Austin, TX: SXSW: Dirty Dog (Official SXSW Showcase)

April 29: Indio, CA: Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
May 1: San Francisco, CA: Bottom of the Hill
May 3: Portland, OR: Dante’s
May 4: Seattle, WA: Crocodile Café
May 5: Vancover, BC: The Plaza Club
May 8: Minneapolis, MN: The 400 Bar
May 9: Chicago, IL: Double Door
May 11: Ann Arbor, MI: Blind Pig
May 12: Toronto, ONT: The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
May 13: Montreal, QUE: Petit Campus
May 14: New York, NY: Bowery Ballroom
May 16: Hoboken, NJ: Maxwell's
May 17: Washington, DC: Black Cat
May 18: Philadelphia, PA: Johnny Brenda's
May 19: Cambridge, MA: T.T. the Bear's

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Friday, March 02, 2007


When Battles first came out with their EP compilation EP C/B...we almost peed in our pants with joy. Battles in our minds are a super quartet [avant musician Tyondai Braxton, guitarist/keys Ian Williams (Don Caballero/Storm & Stress), guitarist David Konopka (Lynx), drummer John Stainer of (Helmet/Tomahawk)] creating some of the best layered, angular rock that takes chances.

Via Warp Records:
"Battles have arrived with their new single 'Atlas', its video, their debut album and an extensive live tour.

‘Atlas’ drops 2nd April, featuring a remix from Kompakt's DJ Koze. This release marks the bands first newly recorded material for Warp, following on from 2006's EP compilation EP C / B EP.

The video was directed by New York based photographer Timothy Saccenti.

Battles have arrived with their new single 'Atlas', its video, their debut album and an extens
This single precedes their debut full-length LP, 'Mirrored' due May 14th. A short clip from album track Leyendecker is up on the Warp homepage just now!"

Check them out on tour in a city near you:
12 London, Special small UK show for Ether Festival @ Purcell Rooms SOLD OUT
20 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
22 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
23 Washington, DC @ Black Cat *
24 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
25 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn #
27 Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree #
28 Lexington, KY @ The Dame
30 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
* with Mary Timony, Twilight Sad
# with Loney, Dear

01 Toronto, Ontario @ Lee's Palace
02 Buffalo, NY @ Soundlab
03 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
04 Montreal, Quebec @ La Sala Rossa
05 Boston, MA @ Great Scott

09 Hamburg @ Halfenclan Exil
10 Berlin @ Maria
11 Bielefeld @ JZ Kamp
12 Koln @ Studio 672
14 Amsterdam @ Paradiso (room 2)
15 Brussles @ AB
16 London @ Scala (+ Clark)
17 Sheffield @ The Corporation (+ Clark)
18 Bristol @ The Cooler
19 ATP Festival, UK
20 Leeds @ Stylus Uni (+ Clark & Beans)
22 Manchester @ Academy 2
23 Glasgow @ ABC2
24 Birmingham @ The Barfly
25 Dublin @ Temple Bar Music Centre
26 Paris @ Maroquinerie
27 Roubaix, Lille @ Le Grand Mix
29 TBC
30 Oullins, Lyon @ MJC Oullins
31 TBC

01 Rome @ Dissonanze Festival

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's a mothereffin DANCE OFF!

The March 7th edition of WAYF will be the official after party for Grizzly Bear's sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom. The kids will be dancing it up at We Are Your Friends! So get your dancing shoes ready because this week the hosts of the shindig are going to be having a playful little dance off. There will be some prizes courtesy of Warp Records. And if you have a sweet tooth, well then you'll be happy too because Sweet Riot has partnered up for the party too. DJs Lauren Flax (White Lightning) and Huggs (Too Much Posse) will be on the decks all night! So start practicing your moves in front of a mirror and get ready to shine this coming Wednesday!

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