Friday, November 30, 2007

We weren't going to post about this

...since everyone else seems to have already done so, but someone (or some... thing) anonymously emailed it to us this morning, so what the hell.

This is a single from Fast Ood Rockers called "Song 4 Kylie... I'm In Love (With a Girl in a Time Machine)".

We're just glad to see we're not the only people who feel someone should pay for the "Strict Machine"/"2 Hearts" "debacle". We would post said song, but then would it go to #1? We guess most of our readers are in the U.S., where it won't be available for purchase, so we'll post it anyway. It's actually kind of good, though we've never watched Dr. Who and we've never listened to "Smile Like You Mean It" by the Killers, so perhaps some of the finer ironic points are lost on us.


Fast Ood Rockers - "Song 4 Kylie... I'm In Love (With a Girl in a Time Machine)"

We suppose some of the novelty will inevitably be soured when it turns out to be those two guys from "LDN Is a Victim".

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

We've never given two shits about Snoop Dogg

...but we must say his new video is kind of genius.

The song is called "Sensual Seduction" and apparently there's a "non-clean" (music industry way of saying "dirty") version called "Sexual Explosion"--possibly referring to Snoop Dogg's own jism.

Oh my.

UPDATE: "We don't go to the mall/We don't got out to eat, eat, eat/All that we ever do is play in the sheets, sheets, sheets" Yep, that just happened.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A rather lenghty post about why you shouldn't download the new Goldfrapp album

...or at least make sure to buy it when it comes out.

So here we go.

This is Alison Goldfrapp, and an owl.

Alison is in the pop band Goldfrapp, who are rather amazing, all things considered. Their album has unfortunately leaked, and while we're not pointing fingers, it's not the ideal situation under which to release your new, completely genre-busting new record, we're sure you'll agree. Now don't get us wrong, we download music, in various stages of legality, ALL THE TIME. Our browsers are perpetually set to The Hype Machine and, and we show no remorse in our right-click-saving-as. That said, we also (alert: novel idea) buy music from these things called record stores, have shelves of CDs and pride ourselves in supporting artists we like. Call us crazy.

So the point of this post isn't to guilt-trip anyone to dragging their asses down to the Virgin Megastore, or suggest that you shouldn't post MP3s, but rather just to highlight that Goldfrapp are one of the only pop bands around (maybe with Dragonette and Chungking and such) who actually need people to buy their fucking records, because as well as making a slick product, they're also making art, and the fact that in this day and age pop musicians are still capable of making Art is quite commendable, and for that they deserve reward. We mean, we love Girls Aloud, but let's be real, at the end of the day Polydor is going to give them their paychecks for not really doing anything but wearing a bit of latex and that'll be that.

Remember when Supernature came out and everyone lost their shit, because it was a glam pop album and not a trip hop album? Well the world was about to do the same thing with Seventh Tree (that's the new one), because it is a folk pop album and not a glam pop album, but now that artistic campaign is sort of ruined because one person couldn't keep their watermark to themselves. We just think it's a shame. There was a TIME in this WORLD where PEOPLE knew about NOTIONS such as ANTICIPATION, SATISFACTION AND REWARD and didn't have everything HANDED to them with the CLICK of a BUTTON [God, we get it! We get it!-- Uppity Senior Citizens Ed.]. We as a blog have made a conscious decision to try and never accept advertisers, and this blog post was not paid for or anything, but we really believe this album might change the way some people think about pop music and it would be great to see it realize it's full potential. FYI, Seventh Tree comes out on February 25, 2008 in the U.K., and February 26th in he U.S.

That'll be all.

Also we want them to have money to keep building GIANT OWLS OUT OF REAL FEATHERS. If anything, do it for the owls. :(.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blip Festival 2007

"The Blip Festival is a four-day international cultural event taking place in New York City this November into December, focusing on the 8-bit scene - musicians and artists who use low-bit videogame and computer hardware as their creative tools. The festival is the widest-reaching event in the history of the form, boasting a roster of over 40 international artists performing and exhibiting from places as diverse as Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, and across the United States." (

Click on image below for more info.


Robyn in our inbox

This morning we awoke to a courteous email from a press person in our inbox. It detailed that Robyn had a new single and video out and that we could watch it by "clicking here"--unfortunately when we did, this happened:


Thank goodness for YouTube then.

Like all Robyn videos it seems here like no one quite knows what's going on, except that they're experiencing a vague feeling of melancholy mixed with urban decay. That said, OH MY GOD DOES SHE LOOK AMAZING.

There was a video made for "Be Mine" when it was released last year (or 45 B.C. in Pop Years) so here's that one.

We never realized how much Robyn looks like Samantha Morton when bald.

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Lusting for The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes first caught our attention with their EP, Whip It On back in 2002. All the tracks were recorded in the key B-flat minor and under three minutes. There was a lot of lo-fi love going on when the band first hit the scene but since then we didn’t think we would be hearing much of The Raveonettes today. But this month the Danish duo released their single, “Dead Sound” off of their third full length, Lust Lust Lust and it’s got us lusting for the band again. Sometimes all a kid needs are some good pop tunes with a little fuzz, boy-girl harmonies, and no nonsense guitar playing. We are really digging their new stuff and glad that they have made their ways back into our hearts.

DL the track here at the

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We think we might go out and buy the Girls Aloud album today

...that is, if we can find it on import.

And it's the limited edition cover.

That's this one.

We probably shouldn't do this but here is a track from the record. It's fucking brilliant, like mind-crushingly, Earth-shatteringly, cosmos-affirmingly brilliant, and it's called "Can't Speak French". We got it off some random blog and it's been the soundtrack of our week.

Girls Aloud - "Can't Speak French"

So it's been kind of a slow news day we guess.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Ski Mask for 2008. Everyone has to get one.

We're not just a pop music blog, we're a pop culture blog. We often don't get a chance to talk about fashion trends and maybe it's best that we don't but we felt so compelled to share this with all of you.

We came across this image and it's like WHOA! WE WANT!

People keep their knitwear so basic. But here's what we've all been looking for...
Who says you can't be warm and start a new trend all at the same time. And if you're not looking to start any new trends and stay under the radar in your area, this will definitely cover up your mug but keep this at home if you don't want people to gawk at you.

For more information on how you can own one of these check this out.

(Doesn't the dude kind of look like Heath Ledger trying to cover up a premature balding?)


You should try not to clap your hands and film a show at the same time...

...especially if said show features something as fucking brilliant as Patrick Wolf doing a Spice Girls medley.

AMAZING. Could have thrown in some "Stop" for good measure, though.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

We are so fucking behind on this one it's not even funny

While we were scavenging the Internet for more information about The Clik Clik, one of the best girl groups of all time released a new single and video literally under our noses (well not quite literally, but you catch our drift). It may well be the single of the year. The song is "Call The Shots" and the group is Girls Aloud.

And this is the sleeve:

Looks amazing, right? Well the sleeve certainly does the song justice (and, to some extent, vice versa). Here is some YouTube-age of the semi-new video. For some reason none of them are very high quality. Get with it Polydor...

Currently #1 single of 2007 (wait, not the Spice Girls?).

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This is a Clik Clik track that is not "My Dunks"

...which, we are not contractually obligated to say, will be for sale Dec. 3rd in the UK, in all fine record "shops" and on iTunes. You can also pre-order the single on Friends vs. Records, which is clearly the best-named retail music Web site of all time.

Oh, and here is a photo of the Clik Clik looking "festive".

Basically we now realize that posting the debut single of a new band for free on a shitty Web site (albeit one that nobody reads) is WRONG and NOT GOOD for career of said band. But we were lucky because the band's manager is a nice guy and sent us this track instead (when he "jolly well" could have told us to fuck off and called the police). KARMA, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

The Clik Clik - "Paris Hilton"

We were too scared to think about this song for very long, as it seems to be a love song about Paris Hilton, but hopefully it is ironic. This post would have been miles funnier if the track had been called "Karma" but what can you do.


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We haven't posted a YouTube video in a few days

...obviously this is a violation of our integrity as serious music journalists.

We have no idea if this is official, or if some YouTube bootlegger crudely copy/pasted this shit together, but in any case it's amazing. Obviously what Calvin Harris needs to do is move in on the international hip hop scene. You can loop those I Created Disco beats to just about anything.

BTW that was Chris Brown and T. Pain vs. Calvin Harris "Kiss Kiss"/"Acceptable in the '80s" mash up.


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Here at DISCONAP, we wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Let us feast.

Finally someone makes "2 Hearts" not Goldfrapp

We love Kylie Minogue--really we do. We know we have been serving the hardcore hate when it comes to "2 Hearts", but really it's just like when your kid gets a B on their 5th grade geography test instead of an A. It's like, come on. It's not rocket science.

BUT Alan Braxe (who we, need we even say it, FUCKING LOVE) has just remixed "2 Hearts" and made it fucking amazing. We liked the Pimps and Whores remix, but we mean, no one can touch Alan.

Kylie Minogue - "2 Hearts (Alan Braxe remix)

Somehow we thought this post would be funnier... maybe it's because it's 4:47AM and we're tired as fuck after spending more money than we should have on alcohol and loud music.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Time flies when you're having fun. We decided to think about what we were listening to this time last year. Can you remember what you were jamming out to?

Here are some KKH picks and coincidentally they both have "house" in their band names:

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We love us some Avenue D and we are saddened to hear that after 6 awesome years that the band has parted ways. They gave us some booty shakin' hits that's for sure.

Read more here.


Monday, November 19, 2007


photo by Marcus Palmqvist

As you might be able to tell, we have a lot of love for all things Scandanavian. The Acid House Kings, Kimono Kops, IKEA, swedish meatballs, Sally Shapiro and now Lykke Li.

Her debut 3-track EP was just released featuring the enchanting single, "Little Bit." We have literally been listening to it on repeat for the past couple of weeks. This song is infectiously sweet and the girl speaks to our hearts - with lines like "And for you I keep my legs apart and forget about my tainted heart..." Can you really resist this song?

Lykke Li is currently in New York finishing up recording. She has some shows slated for this month and next in Europe playing with the likes of the Shout Out Louds, Caribou, The Dirty Projectors and The Magic Numbers. Lykke also contributes her lovely vocals to the latest Shout Out Louds album, Our Ill Wills - which is DN approved.

Here is her first video for "Little Bit" directed by Mattias Montero:

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Thank you for all entering our Mark Ronson contest!

Our winners are Karen from Spring, TX and Kimberly from New York, NY.

Thank you. Thank you.
Enjoy the music!

Keep on the lookout for more DN contest to come.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

This is The Clik Clik

...and frankly it's become such second nature for us to like bands like this that we're seriously beginning to wonder if it really is all just about marketing and trend analysis and not proper music.

The Clik Clik - "My Dunks" - DELETED BY REQUEST

Probably not though.

Basically what we are trying to CONVEY is that we are experiencing GRAVE EXISTENTIAL CRISIS and that we need MORE than yet another NEW RAVE act with a CATCHY SINGLE to make us LOVE LIFE. That said "My Dunks" is worth a listen.

We'd put a sad face here but frankly we can't muster th energy. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN ETC

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We've been working on a new project for our job (yes we have day jobs, as if bringing you the most acerbic wit on the latest foibles of popstars could pay our rent) so here is a YouTube video song thingy to keep you occupied. PS we haven't slept in two days.

It's the Pimps and Whores mash-up of Booty Luv's "Don't Mess With My Man" and Alcazar's "Start the Fire". Enjoy and happy Wednesday.

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...but we do condone a little bit of Bombay Bicycle Club.

Bombay Bicycle Club - "The Hill"

When I played this for KKH earlier this week, she basically drooled all over her keyboard and proclaimed "The Hill" to be the perfect marriage of Devendra Bandhart-style warbly vocal skills and male-fronted British indie--AND SHE IS TOTALLY RIGHT. It's kind of (actually, is totally) derivative but since when is that a bad thing, as long as the song is bumpin'. We can't believe we just said "bumpin'".

Anyway these Bombay Bicycle Club kids are part of the whole Way Out West crew that birthed Disconap faves Cajun Dance Party and Lo-Fi Culture Scene. So that explains that.

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Hey kids out in DN land! Do you feel the Mark Ronson - well we're not going to deny the fact that we do. After getting a chance to see him live at Webster Hall, we are full-fledged fans. Look at that sexy bitch. WOW..our blog just got a little Tiger Beat on ya.

This week we've got a contest and the yummy prize for 2 lucky winners are a copy of Version and a copy of "Stop Me" featuring the Daniel Meriweather single.

Here's our trivia contest:
1. What is the name of Mark Ronson's label he co-founded?
2. "Stop Me" is a cover of a song by the beloved group, The Smiths...what is the original title of the track?

Please email your answers to with "MARK RONSON" in the subject line by Friday.
Winners will be announced on Monday, November 19th.


Check out Mark Ronson's video for "Oh My God" featuring Lily Allen:

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Please direct your general field of vision to the below image of Sisely Treasure

Nothing that Cyndi Lauper + every female Japanese artist since 1975 hasn't done before, but still amazing.

Apparently (from what the Internet taught us) Sisely Treasure was a contestant on that reality show about the Pussycat Dolls (the one that not even WE could stomach) but we're sure that she was the cool "punk" girl with good taste, so that makes it bearable. Anyway you should care about Sisely because she has just released (i.e. "someone sent to our inbox") a single called "Hold My Hand" which was produced by none other than Disconap Hall of Awesome member Frankmusik. WE KNOW. Can you imagine the amazingness that the union of Frankmusik and the girl in that photo could provide? WELL IMAGINE NO MORE BECAUSE HERE IT IS.

Sisely Treasure - "Hold My Hand"

So good... if only every club jam sounded like this. Not enough women use vocoders, in our opinion. Don't thank us.

PS: I know we've been lame about updating but all that's about to change. Actually who are we kidding we'll always be the same shitty blog that no one reads. HOLLER.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You see those presses, over there?

Stop them.

The video for Muscle's new single, "Sweaty", is finally on fucking YouTube.

Muscles has made the best record of th year (with M.I.A. and Britney, obviously). This song is amazing: when Muscles yells "My ahnd slipped into your hand/And it was awesome/and you were special" we would totally cry if our hearts weren't made of ta and stone.


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We came across The Shakes' video for the track, "Manic Boogie" and it reminded us of when we were freshman in college hanging out in the dorms. Maybe it's cause the band is comprised of college enrolled students? Or maybe we are recalling our college days because they sound like The Mooney Suzuki? Or maybe I need coffee and need to focus on how to articulate my thoughts? Whatever it is, the song is one of those upbeat, catchy songs that we're willing to give another try and figure out why we like it.

Here's the vid:

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Remember when you would see all of those bulletins or blogs talking about fans bringing dv's to Daft Punks shows? Well here's video of "Harder Better Faster Stronger" from Daft Punk's "Alive," out on November 20th -directed by Olivier Gondry, the video features footage from 250 cameras held by fans during their live show in Coney Island from this past August



Our friends, BLAMMA! BLAMMA! from the UK have got us dancing again. They have been so kind to share a new remix of Starlett Johansson by the Teenagers with us and with everyone out in DN land. BLAMMA! BLAMMA! and the Teenagers...does it get any better? We were told to "play it loud" and we highly recommend you PLAY IT LOUD!!!

The Teenagers – Starlett Johansson (Blamma! Blamma! Scared By Spiders remix)

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This is the most amazing thing of all time


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This is Polish Treacle Association

Or something. Actually, it's just some image we got off of their MySpace. Actaully, Polish Treacle Association would probably look something more like this:

As it is actually Joel from Good Shoes' new side project. Unlike Good Shoes (who we adore), PTA sounds more like Dan Treacy from Television Personalities before he went COMPLETEY BATSHIT CRAZY, or perhaps Beat Happening fronted by Jamie T. It's really, really good scuzzy indie pop (the best kind). Here is a sampling:

Polish Treacle Association - "How You Spell Strait Jacket (Demo)"

Don't thank us.

On a related note, Good Shoes are releasing their Best Song Ever™ as a single, thus joining the handful of artists who have done so in the history of the planet. The song is "Smalltown Girl", obviously. This is the video.

We're probably going to go to jail if someone traces our ISP address after saying this, but isn't Rhys kind of rocking the short hair/peachfuzz-college-freshman beard combo? Oh, how we fear our fiery desires...

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Monday, November 05, 2007

The new Kimono Kops remix is AMAZING

This is Thomas Dören, a.k.a. Kimono Kops.

Kimono Kops is currently our favorite remixer, having already reworked M.I.A.'s "Boyz" and made Sally Shaprio's "Hold Me So Tight" even better than it was previously (a magical POP FEAT unto itself, music fans). This morning we got a veritable sonic treat in our inbox, as Thomas has emailed us his brand new remix: Bloc Party's "I Still Remember".

Bloc Party - "I Still Remember (Kimono Kops remix)"

This is the perfect remix because it manages to turn a really shit song into a really good song. The problem with the original version of "I Still Remember" was that it was trying so hard to be all pensive and gay it completely forgot to have a decent chorus that wasn't a half-assed attempt to rip off Bronski Beat. On Kimono Kops' version though, the song is transformed into a bouncy electro-bubble of worship and longing, as we expect Kele & Co. intended the song to be in the first place. This is pop perfection and if the world is really going to degenerate into ecological disaster over the next 50 years, it will all be worth it just so a remix like this could be made.

So well done Kimono Kops, we can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve next...

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Sally Shapiro finally has a video out

And we can't say for certain that we're particularly thrilled with her choice of single (that would be "Jackie Jackie") when there are so many better songs on Disco Romance, notably "I Know", "He Keeps My Alive" and the pants-shittingly fantastic "Hold Me So Tight". But as always, readers, BEGGARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS.

Behold the Swedish Italo-disco glory:


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