Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here's a clip of Dragonette's new song


Was that not the best 58 seconds of your lives? We saw the almighty Dragonette perform this new, untitled song when they played in NYC a few weeks ago, and it was fucking superb. We love Dragonette more than our own lives. If you haven't seen them yet, they are currently on tour (all dates on their MySpace page).


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The new Liars video is AMAZING

Fact: this kitten now believes in His Dark Lord Satan.

That was the video for "Houseclouds" off of Liars' brilliant self-titled fourth album. We fucking love Liars so fucking much. They keep reinventing themselves, and each album is better than the last. They're what every band should aspire to be. And they probably eat virgins for breakfast.

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The Lavender Diamond contest is still open for the next 10:15 hours

Email us at and tell us what you're going to be for Halloween to win two tickets to see Lavender Diamond at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Contest closes today at 12 noon. Winners chosen randomly.

See you there!

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A Backstreet Boys thought for Halloween

Some readers may be mildly-to-moderately surprised to know that we've never been HUGE Backstreet Boys fans--we were always more of the *NSYNC persuasion, to be perfectly honest. We don't know, something about BSB always struck us as somewhat... common. That said, we have posted twice about them this week so we suppose perhaps the "tides" are changing, as they were. Or maybe it's just the cover of their new album:

1. Is the just the blazing autumn sunset in our eyes, or is AJ kind of decently fuckable on the cover of this record?? Total otter status (ask Wikipedia).
2. We find it amusing that the graphics of Unbreakable feature broken glass, thus defeating the feeble metaphor in the title for the group's long-lasting resilience... or something.
3. We've only just now noticed that the one with the eyebrows left.

So that's a Backstreet Boys post for Halloween then. On with the festivites.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kind of weird band release kind of weird video

It's the new Maximo Park! It's called "Karaoke Plays"! IT IS HERE AND IT IS NOW!

Crappiest post ever!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

We're giving away tickets to see Lavender Diamond on Halloween

This is Lavender Diamond.

They're an amazing (and possibly the only) operatic indie pop band from L.A., and they are playing NYC late-night "haunt" the Knitting Factory on Halloween (that's Wednesday). For anyone who's ever seen a normal Lavender Diamond show, you'll know it's basically a platform for front woman Becky Stark to rant and rave about anything that crosses her mind while sinigng the most beautiful, childlike songs about everyone loving everybody all the time--now imagine that IN COSTUME. It will be amazing.

Well, today is your lucky day, because we have a pair of tickets to give away to one of you kids. We've seen Lavender Diamond a bunch of times and it's always good fun. All you have to do is email with "Lavender Diamond Contest" in the subject and answer this one question: What are you going to be this Halloween? If it's not lame then you win.

Winners will be announced Wednesday at 12 noon. Until then...

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We interviewed Simian Mobile Disco outside of the Apple Store in NYC

and the results are as FASCINATING as they are ENTERTAINING.

Basically here's what happened.

We were going to do the interview with KKH's digital camera (in case you hadn't noticed--what up blogspot!--Disconap is the most ghetto operation the world has ever seen...) in some random office at the Apple store, but some dude that worked there FLIPPED on us and gave us this whole speil about them not having press clearance and that we couldn't take pictures and film inside the actual store. The funny part was when he asked us who we were:

Apple Store douchebag: "Uh, guys, and just so I know, who are you shooting for?"
SMD: "Uhhhhh..."
Disconap: "It's for Disconap, a pop music blog written for 14-year-old girls."
Apple Store douchebag: "Yeah, you can't film here."

ANYWAY, joke's on them because we STILL GOT FOOTAGE OF THE APPLE STORE (if you look closely to the left of James). You can actually see PEOPLE buying THINGS which were MADE by APPLE! Stop press, etc.

Anyway back to the interview. We cover four red hot topics with SMD, which are (in chronological order):

1. How their CMJ is going
2. What was the best thing they did during CMJ
3. How they fit their light show into the Apple Store (pictured TO YOUR LEFT!)
4. And how James fucked up his arm.

Then we basically both have some sort of fit where we turn into stuttering puddles of goo and say "WE LOVE YOU" no less than six times.

We're sure our Pulitzer Prize for Journalism is in the mail.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

NOT A WYR (Weird YouTube Rut)

Yelle has a new video. Well, actually, it's a Fatal Bazooka video, featuring Yelle on guest vocals. Let us elaborate:

Michael Youn is a French comedian who used to be a radio personality on Skyrock (actually a hip hop station, so confusing) and decided to start a parody rap group called Fatal Bazooka. We know that sounds and looks shitty but it's actually HILARIOUS. They did a song called "J'aime Trop Ton Boule" (I Like Your Ass) that was all about rappers loving dudes' butts. Sounds dumb but was AMAZING.

Anyway here's the video. It's called "Parle A Ma Main" (Talk To The Hand) and it's really good. Yelle's rap only comes in at the 4:00 mark, but it's worth watching the whole thing, because obviously we are the definitive opinion on music in all arenas.

It would take us a long time to break it down but we assure you that what you just saw was HILARIOUS and AMAZING, in equal measures.

Don't thank us.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

More exclusive content from a certain DJ duo all next week...

Oh, yes we did.

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We just so happened to see Operator Please the other day

...and it was amazing, as this live shot will properly convey.

It looks like the keyboardist Sarah is having a bit of a problem there--we hope she's alright.

We wrote a review of the entire "shebang" as it were, and it's up at Here.

Also, here is an MP3. It's of the brilliant "Just a Song About Ping Pong", which is about ping pong. We take it that Operator Please have no sense of irony.

Operator Please - "Just a Song About Ping Pong"

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We promised ourselves we weren't going to post the new Backstreet Boys video...

The "weird YouTube rut" continues.

Picture it: a sunny day on a golden beach, beautiful people basking in the honey-toned sun:


Nothing more to say than: amazing.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

We're totally getting into one of those weird ruts where all we do is post YouTube videos with the word "AMAZING" randomly thrown at the bottom

But we love Those Dancing Days.

They're five cute teenage girls from Sweden, which obviously is the most awesome combination of things a human being can be. Normally we hate songs that are named after the band that are singing them (except "In a Big Country" by Big Country, obviously) but this song is so, so fucking catchy and lovely.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You've probably all seen this video on Perez Fucking Hilton but here it is anyway

Operator Please are our new favorite Australian band who aren't Muscles (who aren't really a band at all, etc). They've just made a brand new video for their new single "Leave It Alone" and it's fucking BRILLIANT. That, and we saw the violinist wearing a RONAN KEATING T-shirt onstage in the NME. DO. YOU. LOVE. IT?

Operator Please are playing the Mercury Lounge tomorrow, please come it will be amazing.

PS: We SWEAR we're not getting into one of those weird ruts where all we do is post YouTube videos with the word "AMAZING" randomly thrown at the bottom.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

I love my English Romance...

A present from Europa is coming our way.

The Teenagers are going to embark on their FIRST AMERICAN TOUR COMING IN JANUARY!!!
We just peed in our pants a little...

22 Jan 2008 - ECHO LOS ANGELES
27 Jan 2008 - SOCIAL TORONTO
2 Feb 2008 - STUDIO B NEW YORK

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Finally, something new from Los Campesinos!

Our favorite indie pop band are back with a new single (wow, that sounded very... functional) and it's called "Internation TweeXcore Underground". It is here and it is now.

It's all about not caring about punk rock and only caring abour Shop Assistants and Stuart Murdoch, and while that's probably not the best to way lead a well-rounded social life, it does sound quite appealing at times.

We love Los Campesinos!.

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Oh Fuck Yes

PS: We are not a reality television blog, we are a pop music blog.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

We saw New Young Pony Club yesterday, along with about 10,000 other bands


What you just witnessed was NYPC covering "Pump Up the Jam" by TECHNOTRONIC. COULD A BAND POSSIBLY GET MORE META. It made our night, and we are SO glad we traipsed out to the butthole of Brooklyn to see the Pony Club in action.

Muscles opened for them, and were amazing. Guns Babes Lemonade is the best record of the year etc.

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Friday, October 19, 2007


I know CEC just told you that we were just at SMD's live in-store performance at the Apple Store in SOHO. BOY OH BOY - how we STILL can't focus on these computer screens right now. We can't stop squinting!!! THE LIGHTS!!!

We just reviewed some of our footage from earlier today. HOT!
But for now - here's a treat...Simian Mobile Disco released this track, "Pulse" in 2005 on the label Click Click Bang! It was only released on 7" and is quite rare. But the DNs have it for you!


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Holy Shit last night we saw Simian Mobile Disco

...and it looked like this:

And it melted our faces off. We just came from seeing them AGAIN at the Soho Apple store (more on that later) where they crammed all of those lights in a space where regularly people go shopping for iPhones and things like that.

One word.


SMD week continues here on Disconap, and we've decided (after much deliberation--not really) to offer a NEW RARE MP3: this time it's a song called "Sick". It's old and good and amazing. In other words cold check it:

Simian Mobile Disco - "Sick"

More SMD insanity to come, including a late-night DJ set at Studio B, the Apple Store appearance, a video interview and a special treat...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There are few things we hate more than a live music video, but the Cribs are amazing

...and we have to post it.

"Our Bovine Public", y'all!

Apart from "You're Gonna Lose Us", "OBP" might be the Jarman brothers' Best Song Ever™. So, so good. Glad someone, somewhere finally released the best song on their record as a single. It only took like the entire history of the world.

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A brief history in SMD

This is the Disconappers, My Cousin Roy, the new issue of 'Sup Magazine and James Ford's sleeve.

Last night the Black Ghosts DJ'd the 'Sup CMJ party, and it was awesome (but more on that here). Today we are posting to give you a little bit of SMD history.

In 2005 SMD released a Kitsuné single, entitled "The Count". It's fucking awesome (surprise surprise) and here is the b-side: it's called Cliktrax. It is rare. IT IS HERE!

Simian Mobile Disco - "Cliktrax"

More SMD coming, with a SUPER TREAT at the end of the week... seriously it will fucking blow your minds.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Cribs reach a new level of Hanna-Barbera realness in their new video

As if THE CRIBS could get any cooler, they've totally Jabberjaw-ed it up and made an animated video to accompany their new single "Don't You Wanna Be Relevant?", complete with roboticly dancing crowd shots durng the chorus.

What will this band do next to slay the universe, seriously :(

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HOT TRACK! HOT TRACK! Here is SMD's remix of Hands off my Gold from Celebration's latest album, The Modern Tribe.

Photo by Samara Golden

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Tonight, we dance

That's it really.

Oh we interviewed NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB for 'SUP 017, and it came out quite nicely.

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Well, we suppose that's good to know

Looks like there's finally word from the GOLDFRAPP "camp" about a new album. Allison and Will (definitely not just Will) posted the following message as a bulletin on MySpace (a popular social networking site--OK, just checking):

Hi everybody!

Howz it goin ?!
(Oh, come on now--Proper English Ed.)

Been a long time I know, but we have finally emerged from our beavering hole in Somerset and have an album!

Feels really good to have finished it and we can’t wait for you to hear what we have been doing. It’s very different to Supernature so it might come as a bit of a shock to some of you.

We had fun making it and loved doing something that is in complete contrast to the last album, even though sometimes it took a bit of courage to steer as far away as we did on some of the tunes. It has come from the heart and was made with love, so we hope you will be into it too.

We love hearing what you're all up to and what you’re thinking on the message board so keep it coming please!

May the force be with you

x Speak soon x
Alison and Will

P.S. There will be new things appearing on the site so hopefully it is going to look a bit more exciting than it has done recently!

Thanks Alison xx

So like, did they just sell the rights to Supernature to Kylie or something? Seriously. A departure is always a little weird at this stage in the game (this will be the 'Frapp's fourth record) but they did the same thing from Felt Mountain to Black Cherry, and no one complained there. P.S. That wasn't a jab, they're both Very Good Records. So basically, we find ourselves very intrigued. Very intrigued indeed.

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If you were able to decipher our "teaser", you'll know that it's SMD week on Disconap

This is Simian Fucking Mobile Disco.

SMD are like ice cream in no less than two ways:

Way #1: They're sweet
Way #2: People who don't like them are stupid.

Not quite sure if we'd want to lick them on a hot summer day though.

Anyway, this week is the OFFICIAL SMD MARATHON on Disconap, since the boys are in town for the CMJ Music Marathon. They've been kind enough to donate a whole bunch of rare tracks and such to us so we can post them all during our very own special SMD mega-fest. We thought we'd post their awesome DJ Mix first, as you'll all need something on your iPods as you run around NYC in search of parties that are full up.

Simian Mobile Disco - "Dummymix Rendered"

Check back for more SMD tidbits of excellent deliciousness all week...

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Carl Newman has a sexy new beard the new New Pornographers video.

That's a lot of "new"'s for one sentence.

The Pornos are still one of our favorite American Rock 'n' Roll bands, but we wish they would rediscover the power-pop a la Mass Romantic. Srsly that record is so good.

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This is MGMT.

Right here.

Everyone in NYC is currently creaming themselves over their electro-rock dreamscape bliss-fests (or other totally contrived music hack description) and with good reason--MGMT (that's "Management", obvs) has joined Apache Beat, The Virgins, Vampire Weekend, etc in becoming the new crop of awesome NYC bands everyone's talking about. It's almost like NYC has a scene again! Rejoice!

Here are some MGMT MP3s for your delectation:

MGMT - "Time To Pretend"
Our favorite MGMT song. Too bad summer is over, arewerite.

MGMT - "Kids"
Our second favorite MGMT song (are you sensing a pattern?)

MGMT - "Kids (Afterschool Dance Megamix)"

MGMT are playing approximately 0 shows during CMJ. However, they are going on tour with Of Montreal next month. "Log on" to MGMT's MySpace page for more info...

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We have some things in store for you for CMJ

CMJ is this week and between running around to shows, sorting through promotional swag and crying from exhaustion, we'll be posting a lot of original content from a certain European DJ duo (who aren't Justice).

Here is what industry types call "a teaser".





Words cannot express the love we share for José González. We've seen him live multiple times, obsess over him and listen to his albums repeatedly. We're not shy about our love for him. It's a big ole José lovefest here at DISCONAP.

On his latest album, In Our Nature (Mute) he covers Massive Attack's Teardrop and a video for the track has just dropped. The video is directed by Andreas Nilsson who has also directed vids for our other fave swedes, The Knife.

Check it out:

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Friday, October 12, 2007

It's taken us a few days to post the new Kylie video because we're not sure how we feel about it

...and it is causing us a GREAT deal of PAIN and SUFFERING.

That was the video for Kylie's new single "2 Hearts".

First off, after years of anticipation and the suspense of grave medical setbacks, we would have expected the new Kylie video to be a little more than a Goldfrapp video from 2005. That said, the song has the potential to be brilliant after a few listens and perhaps hearing it BANGING from a club PA. The "Whoo!" parts in the chrous are pretty awesome and make us want to get up and dance, though the song could have used a cool middle eight and another chorus (perhaps added "Whoo!"'s?) All in all we are waiting to hear the full album before passing any sort of final judgment on this whole comeback business, so for now we will just say:

1. It's no "Catch You" and
2. We haven't heard the new Dannii single but if it's better than "2 Hearts" then we WILL NOT be responsible for our actions.

PS: We are happy that Kylie is back! Back!! BACK!!!!

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We love Glasgow band, the 1990s and their power pop jams. We got to check them out at Union Pool in Brooklyn earlier this year and they totally rocked out. They put on a great, energetic live show and we highly recommend you check them out! We recently learned in the band blogs section of their official band website that bassist, Jamie McMorrow has left the band. But have no fear the 1990s are still going strong, touring and hitting up this year's CMJ. The remaining members were joined by Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub for their European tour and on board for the forthcoming Australian and North American shows they've recruited Dino Bardot of Stinky Munchkins.

If you happen to be in New York next week - check the band out at the event produced by Spectre below with DJ Eleven of the Rub! We'll be there, hope you are too!

If not, check them out in a city near you:

Oct 14 Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's
Oct 15 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
With Voxtrot
Oct 17 Washington, DC - The Rock And Roll Hotel
Oct 19 Rochester, NY - Bug Jar
Oct 20 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom
Oct 21 Newport, KY - Southgate House
Oct 24 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
Oct 27 Los Angeles, CA - The Troubadour
Oct 28 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
With Roky Erickson
Oct 31 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
With Roky Erickson
Nov 02 Vancouver, British Columbia - Richard's On Richards
With the Long Blondes
Nov 03 Portland, OR - Dante's
Nov 04 Seattle, WA - High Dive
Nov 07 Minneapolis, MN - The 400 Bar
Nov 08 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
Nov 09 Columbus, OH - The Basement
With Electric Six
Nov 10 Detroit, MI - St. Andrews Hall
With Electric Six
Nov 13 Lawrence, KS - Granada
With the Hold Steady and Art Brut
Nov 14 Dallas, TX - The Palladium
With the Hold Steady and Art Brut
Nov 15 Austin, TX - La Zona Rosa
With the Hold Steady and Art Brut
Nov 17 Birmingham, AL - Bottletree
With the Hold Steady and Art Brut
Nov 18 Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse
With the Hold Steady and Art Brut
Nov 19 Richmond, VA - Toad's Place
With the Hold Steady and Art Brut
Nov 20 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
With the Hold Steady and Art Brut
Nov 21 New York, NY - Terminal 5
With the Hold Steady and Art Brut

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Thursday, October 11, 2007


New York based band Pratique may have only formed this year, but they are starting to create quite the buzz around town and are playing a show this Sunday in the 'burg with Voxtrot and the Little Ones. So they must be doing something right. We love us some power pop and brit-pop inspired is even better.

Download: Death for Blushing Rogue

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Sexual Sportswear

We got this 'lil gem from Kidz by Colette.
Sebastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear (Distort Edit)

Oh how we love FRANCE and how we would love to be there...

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IAMSOUND artists hit NYC for CMJ week!

Here at the DN headquarters, we are uber excited for next's week craziness that is CMJ week and we will try to hit up as many events/showcases as we possibly can!!!

Cut Off Your Hands

Cut Off Your Hands hailing from New Zealand are currently on tour with DN faves, Foals in the UK. Their Shaky Hands EP was just released this week by IAMSOUND. Take a listen to the album streaming on

So Cut Off Your Hands are coming to CMJ week, but you want to know who else is?
The BLACK GHOSTS!!! We can't wait to catch out The Black Ghosts. COYH will be playing live sets and Black Ghosts will be doing DJ sets with live vocals from singer Simon Lord (ex-Simian).

The Black Ghosts

IAMSOUND is having their showcase on Wednesday, 10/17 with Magnum PR and Dim Mak Records!

The Black Ghosts:
10/15 – Conflict of Interest/Syndicate Party, Rebel 11 pm
10/17 – BrooklynVegan, Pianos 4 pm
10/17 – IAMSOUND showcase, Delancey 11 pm
10/18 – I Heart showcase, BGs (Salmagundi Art Club) 9 pm

Cut Off Your Hands:
10/16 – Indaba Music/Underrated Magazine Party, Indaba Music 5 pm
10/17 - BrooklynVegan party, 12 pm
10/17 – Gothamist, White Rabbit 2 pm
10/17 - NZ On Air 4 pm
10/17 – IAMSOUND showcase, Delancey 9 pm
10/18 – Frenchkiss Showcase, Pianos 8:30 pm
10/18 – Fader, Fader Sideshow 4:30 pm

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SMD on the road...

Check out this video via XLR8R TV of the boys of Simian Mobile Disco packing up their studio gear for their first solo tour!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here's a clip of Justice's D.A.N.C.E performance on Jimmy Kimmel.
Well I guess an interpretation of the jam by pop star impersonators from around the globe. HA!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Here's that Hadouken! video we were going on about yesterday

So there you go.

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Hey Muscles We Love You

This. Is. Muscles.

He's a one man party band from Melbourne, Australia (can we talk about Australian dudes for a minute... our shrimps are totally on the barbie right now), and his debut album, Guns Babes Lemonade, has made a last-minute, dark horse entry to become our favorite record of 2007--hands down. It's just a perfect pop record, every song is fucking amazing and could be a hit single that could destroy the entire universe. He just signed to Modular Records so hopefully things will go well and by this time next year he'll be headlining Madison Square Garden.

Though probably not :(

Fellow Australians Van She remixed one of our favorite Muscles songs (ALL OF HIS SONGS ARE OUR FAVORITES), "One Inch badge Pin". Behold.

Muscles - "One Inch Badge Pin (Van She Tech remix)"

There's also a song on the album called "The Lake" which sounds like the best rave ever, where the only crowd is you and a really hot dude.

Muscles - "The Lake"

Muscles is playing CMJ this year: 10/18 at Studio B (opening for NYPC!) and 10/19 at 200 Orchard. You know where to be readers. You know where to be.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

a w.a.y.f anniversary!

We Are Your Friends is celebrating their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Thursday, October 11th at 200 Orchard!

The special guest DJs for the evening are RUNAWAY (Marcos Cabral + Jacques Renault).
Check out what our friend, Robot Blair had to say about the duo here.

Please come out for the regular W.A.Y.F shenanigans: PBJamwiches, brownies, crazy DANCING! And it's on a THURSDAY! Let's get this party started...

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A quick post about the new Hadouken! video

We haven't blogged about Hadouken! in a while, even though they're still the band that gets us the most hits. We guess that's just how we roll.

Anyway, they're premiering the video for their new single, "Leap of Faith" on, and here's a link.

Hadouken! - "Leap of Faith" (Video)

We're not quite sure how we feel about this whole "singing" thing, and after a few listens we basically just went back to listening to "That Boy That Girl" five or six times. That said, give us a week and we'll be telling you it's the best pop song since "Baby One More Time" (see: Sophie Ellis-Bextor "Today The Sun's On Us", Dragonette "I Get Around" etc etc).

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Oh look there's a Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong video out


We love Joe Lean and The Jin--(yeah we get it- Really Long Band Name Ed.), and they've released a fantastic video for their first single, "Lucio Starts Fires". It's a jangly guitar-pop number halfway between the Strokes and the Libertines, which is basically to say it sounds like everything that's ever been released from a group of white men since 2002, but at least it's a nice song. Full disclosure: the video has been on the Internet for 3 weeks and we're only now posting it because we are criminally behind in all aspects of our lives. But enjoy it for what it's worth.

Can we also just say how much we adore Panda, the chubby bassist with the pompadour and fluffy sideburns. Just for the record.

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This past week we got an email from Neon Coyote

..and it contained this Cassie remix.

Cassie - "Me & U (Thoroughly Banging Neon Coyote Remix)"

It's of "Me & U" and it's very good. Quite frankly we've only heard Cassie a few times (we know, we are a horrible pop music blog) but this makes us want to listen to her more. Well done Neon Coyote, etc.

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Sigh... Jose Gonzalez

Our love for this man cannot be measured in mere words. His new album is categorically both "amazing" and "best ever", and you hsould buy it now. Jose recently did a podcast for AOL's "The Interface", and here he is covering "Teardrop" by Massive Attack (unfortunately sans singing fetus, are we right).

Do you love it? We love it.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Remember the days listening to "Between Us and Them" on a regular rotation? That was so 2004. But The Moving Units are back with their latest release, Hexes for Exes which comes out Oct. 9th on Metropolis. Check out their myspace page for exclusive downloads.

They kick off their tour later in November with VHS or Beta. Check them out in a city near you...

MON 11/12 WASHINGTON, DC Black Cat
TUE 11/13 BALTIMORE, MD Ottobar
THU 11/15 PHILADELPHIA, PA First Unitarian Church
FRI 11/16 NEW YORK, NY Blender Theater @ Gramercy
SAT 11/17 ATLANTIC CITY, NJ House Of Blues Harlem Club
MON 11/19 BOSTON, MA Paradise Rock Club
TUE 11/20 MONTREAL, PQ Club Soda
WED 11/21 TORONTO, ON Lee's Palace
FRI 11/23 CHICAGO, IL Abbey
SAT 11/24 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 7th Street Entry
TUE 11/27 SEATTLE, WA Chop Suey
WED 11/28 VANCOUVER BC Richard's on Richards
THU 11/29 PORTLAND, OR Doug Fir Lounge
FRI 11/30 SACRAMENTO, CA Harlow's

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Friday, October 05, 2007

So apparently we're the last people to know that there's a new Bloc Party single out

Good Weather For Air Strikes posted it and now we are going to as well.

But first, a photo of Kele looking quite jolly at Bloc Party's Madison Square Garden last night, from our good friend Abz Punk Photo:


Anyway the song is called "Flux" and here it is:

Bloc Party - "Flux (Radio Rip)" [alt link]

Dude OK. We know Kele came out and everything (we actually saw dudeface at popular indie gay bar Eastern Bloc the night before the show...) but does the new mini-comeback single HAVE to be a hi-NRG cockgobble? It's a step up from ANYTHING on A Weekend In The City (but we mean, what isn't) but still, we were looking forward to another indie masterpiece a la "Little Thoughts" (HOW GOOD IS THAT SONG???). That said, if this song wasn't by Bloc Party we'd probably be all like AMAZING and BEST EVER and stuff like that. You be the judge, AMERICA :(

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Fucking. Finally.

We think it's time to put that whole "VMA debacle" behind us and savour the new Britney Spears video.

OK, so they obviously shot this video between emergency runs to the 7-11 for jumbo Slurpees and Cheez-Its, but put all that aside, close your eyes and listen: the song is amazing. It is the best pop song of the year. IT IS THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF POP. We want Britney to get sober and get her kids back and go on tour go on TV and stop crying and showing us her pussy and be amazing.


PS: This video will probably only be up for like 5 seconds so make hay whilst the sun shines, strike while the iron's hot, etc.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh Darren

Remember when we said Darren Hayes couldn't get any gayer?

We were wrong.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What Have I Done?

As per usual, we're probably the last blog to post this video. But quite frankly we don't care.
We've been into Caribou when the world knew them as Manitoba. We dig.

Here's the vid for "Melody Day":

Here's a remix by Four Tet of "Melody Day"

They are currently on tour, catch them in a city near you...

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TUNNG are an awesome band from the UK with strong folk and electronic influences that create a great third "pop" album, Good Arrows. Their previous work has had strange instruments and multi-layered vocals. This time around the album seems fuller, which could be due to the additional new members. The vocals are soft, pretty and inviting - leaving you wanting more.

Take a listen to the track, "Bullets"

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