Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We've been wondering what The Grates have been up to...

...eating day-old macaroni out of the bottom of pots, apparently. Pretty cheesy, eh, reade--[You're fired--Ed.]

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Clowning around with Goldfrapp

...get it?

Not our proudest moment.

Anyway, this amazing (and we do mean AMAZING) Metronomy remix of "Happiness" has been floating about the Internet, which is one thing, but it also features guest vocals by the Teenagers, which is ANOTHER, albeit totally awkward and out of place. Whatever, approved, etc etc.

Goldfrapp - "Happiness (Metronomy remix feat. The Teenagers)"

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Goldfrapp are going on tour...


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...or something similarly hyperbolic.

Two of our very favorite French artists have come out with new videos this week: namely a woman who likes to sing about small penises named Yelle and a pop group that like to sing about small vaginas named the Teenagers. Both videos are beautiful in their own different ways (just like children).

That was the video for "Love No" by the Teenagers, which is possibly the most awkward excuse for a music video I have ever seen. In a way it's kind of awesome how the Teenagers are still weird enough to not know how to carry themselves in front of a camera, but on the other hand it's probably just a load of shit. The song is amazing though.

That was the new Yelle video for the old Yelle song "Je Veux Te Voir". Let's evaluate the components of this pop video, as to determine its amazingness.

Illuminated colored cubic background? Check.
Smiley face dress? Check.
Aerobics? Check.
Cheesy, hands-only choreography? Check.

Yelle wins. Voila! Croissant, s'il vous plait, voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir, etc.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

This is our 500th post, and it's about Martina from Dragonette's hair

Which is pretty fitting.

While lamenting the fact that we completely missed Dragonette at this year's SXSW (which was equal parts amazing and horrible, like all festivals we suppose), we came across the following YouTube clip of the band performing at something called Canadian Blast a few days ago. It seemed like business as usual--"Take It Like a Man", amazing music, Will the Guitarist Who Looks Uncannily Like a Cat--until Martina turned her head around and OMG ALL HER HAIR IS GONE.

Now obviously next to music, hair is the most important component of being a pop star, so this is an upset akin to Hilary Clinton blatantly calling Michelle Obama a bitch: i.e. a Very Big Deal. Luckily it looks kind of awesome, though the pairing of the boy cut and the wife beater seems a little too "Annie Lennox casual" for us, but other than that we Approve.

Congratulations, Martina from Dragonette's hair.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh right, SXSW is in like three hours.


Disconap will be closed this week, because some music people are having a festival in Texas (not a state to be messed with, apparently). So we won't be updating, but (BUT!) CEC will be updating his Twitter page from his mobile phone all during his stay there (how "technologic", as Daft Punk would say). Here's a link, so you can follow what we are sure will be about 3 posts about how drunk he is and how he's pissed that he missed the Dykeenies and how much every guitar band sucked and why isn't Roisin Murphy here etc etc etc etc etc.

This is CEC's Twitter profile.

So that's that. See you on Monday.


Friday, March 07, 2008

This is Tilly and the Wall having a party outside

Looks quite festive.

We recently reported that Tilly and the Wall--a band from Omaha who once featured a tap dancer on percussions, how novel--are releasing a new single called "Beat Control", the video for which we deemed Amazing, for many reasons, one of which was definitely good hair. Well, since we posted that video, we have been listening to "Beat Control" on an average of entirely way too much a day, and are convinced that given the proper exposure Tilly and the Wall will be the biggest band of 2008. So instead of posting an MP3 of "Beat Control" (the "Ready for the Floor" of March 2008, remember), we are urging YOU, the Disconap reader, to go to the iTunes Music store and pay $0.99 for it. It's well worth it (did we mention it was Amazing? It is. Amazing, that is).

It sounds like the Go Go's if they weren't old :( There's also a remix knocking about.

So good.

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Sally Shapiro is a great DJ

We know this because last night we attended the Plug Awards (not that we won or anything), and while seeing Nick Cave made us feel cool, the real winner of the evening was Sally Shapiro, who while DJing a set heavy on the Italo, "dropped" two songs by this woman:

...who is our favorite French pop star, Mylene Farmer. Obviously.

Sally played this:

Followed shortly by this:

And it was AMAZING. Well done Sally.

PS: All of these videos are long as fuck. Mylene is "conceptual", you see.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Here are the Long Blondes

And they appear to be having a rest surrounded by Kate Jackson's shoe collection, and NOT some sort of indie rock satanic ritual (Kate: "Don't burn the Manolos etc").

The Long Blondes (none of which are blondes--IRONY ALERT!) are releasing a new album entitled Couples very soon, and the first single is "Century". Now, let us begin by saying that last year's Someone To Drive You Home pulled off the very precarious feat of disguising a Very Good Pop Album as an OK Indie Rock Album, which fooled people with good hair into buying it, but unfortunately NOT mainstream people who don't give two shits about a band from Sheffield, UK whose main influences seem to be comprised only of Jarvis Cocker, Betty Paige and Lauren Bacall. The question we are now posing into the Pop Ether is, will Couples succeed where Someone failed, and launch this deserving band into the next strata of fame, glory, lucrative recording contracts, etc etc? SUSPENSE.

The short answer is no, because while "Century" is Good, it's also a load of weird shit that nobody will understand. Shame.

The Long Blondes - "Century" [Streaming via MySpace]

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We really want to like the new Bobby single

...but something is stopping us from enjoying it at its full potential. Perhaps it's the lyric "Once again I find myself way out of touch/Feels like autumn never leaves us very much"? Right?

The song is called "Autumn Never Leaves" and features a wind chime at 0:03, so we don't know what we're complaining about frankly.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

The new Justice video is hypnotically amazing

This is the new Justice video for "DVNO", which we have watched about 78 times (approximately) since it came to our attention last Saturday, March 1.

OMG AMAZING. We didn't grow up watching a lot of TV as children (our parents did not "Want Their MTV", as it were) but we did grow up watching a lot of '80s, so this video retains enough of its amazingness to find itself APPROVED (been a while since we APPROVED something. We really need to reconnect with the summer of 2007, arewerite?).


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